Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Tech Leak??

In an article posted at InsideGamer the following was written

It seems in this war of new consoles the only clear profit-maker is IBM. IBM has made the PowerPC-based core(s) for the Xbox 360, the Cell processor for Sony in conjunction with Sony and Toshiba, and also the Power-PC G5 based processor(s) for the Nintendo Revolution. Not one, but four! Yes, apparently the Revolution will feature FOUR 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5-class processors, codenamed "Broadway", and a graphics processor by ATI, codenamed "Hollywood", the dual-core RN520, with 16MB of frame buffer DRAM. Technically, this makes the Revolution a bit more powerful (2.5 x 4 > 3.2 x 3, 16 > 10). The Revolution also features 512 MB of memory.

This could be true or not, think what you will.

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