Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Rumor

On Cubed3.com they have posted some very interesting news. I will copy what they said:

Breaking headlines have been posted on the internet recently. Publications claim to have the first Revolution controller images, and perhaps we're guilty of doing the same also. However with all the possible fakes and laughable attempts at realism comes a change in focus toward the main machine itself.

Tonight a source emailed Cubed3 with a selection of images that apparently come straight from Nintendo. However there are concerns with the authenticity of the images - i.e. are they real or some very good photoshopping?

It's certainly difficult to tell, but what's interesting is the clever marketing techniques the artists have used within their designs notably a poster suggesting the "Game Over" for competitors and the reverse, "Revo" for Nintendo. The design shown is supposedly the slightly slimmer build along with the engraved "R" logo that was previously "leaked" also. The images are said to be those in development for ideas that would be used for the final printed media, i.e. not the final images themselves.

Accompanying the tip, apparently (take this as rumour alsol) the term "Revo" is being highly considered as the potential final market name for the console though talks happening for a clash with another company using the same term for their products.

Again whether real or not, please take this as a rumour as the title suggests, though the below images (click to enlarge) are very good indeed.

We thank our source, who wishes to remain anonymous for the images.


You should go check out the pictures. The real question is, are they real? or Photoshopped?

Source - http://www.cubed3.com/viewnews.php?storyid=4020


Blogger Micheal Bach said...

Oddly enough, the same exact logo as a previous "fake" controller.


6/21/2005 3:27 AM  
Anonymous DlphnMod said...

Its just not their style and the logo is way ugly compared to how slick the system is.


6/21/2005 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Taylor said...

I don't know I would normally be quick to dismiss them, but something seems like it is realling going down behind our backs in the world of Nintendo, I believe the final unveiling could be weeks, or even days away. Reasons for this belif:

1. Speculation and rumors are at an all time high (There are new leaked images or concept art showing up every day)

2. NintendoNow.com supposidly one of the big player's in the "N-game" from a month or so ago


3. "Inside sources" are saying it could be released by Q1 2006 or sooner

I'm not saying I neccessarily buy into this, it's just the fact that you need to be aware of everything going on, I have a feeling the next two months are going to be fun.

6/21/2005 1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is fake. A poster on the IGN boards made that custom logo a long time ago, and someone took it seriously and put it on the render of a console. Sorry guys!

6/21/2005 2:25 PM  

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