Sunday, May 29, 2005


The people who gave us the SSB: Fire info called "Team Beta" have now posted this

Well... We guess Nintendo got a bit mad about the amount of information we gave out. According to them, the information put them in danger against other developers and franchises. We almost lost our jobs, but in the long run, Nintendo thought it was too much of a loss to drop a team this far in development. So, for all you lucky ones who saw the information, congratulations, and for the new-comers, we truely are sorry. We tried.WE CAN RELEASE!:The controllers ARE gyroscopic.The controllers ARE NOT touch screens.The controllers DO NOT include screens.The controllers WILL BE USED in storing small bits of memory(ie. profiles).

Believe it if you want. Nothing is true until has posted it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one sounds '├╝ber-fake'.

bogus if you ask me.

5/29/2005 9:05 AM  

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