Thursday, June 23, 2005

Controller Description?

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I don't know if I believe it but he said he would send pictures to people who wanted to see it, meaning, that it might come up on the internet very soon.

I partially quote what he said:

"He did bring back pics of PS3, Xbox 360 and Revolution. Those are all on the internet now though, except for one pic on a little pamphlet full of Japanese writing. It had a black controller with a button layout similar to Gamecube's but a small boomerang shape, with a blue-ish glow under the two control sticks. Also, where you'd expect A and B buttons to normally be, was one big black circle with four tiny blue dots arranged in a square. I have no idea what that does but it could be a motion-sensor device like a lot of people theorize. "


WillBill3000 has posted here

that he believes that the sketches on IGN may actually be real. If you think about it the controller sort of does fit what Mollyownsmysould said.


Anonymous WillBill 3000 said...

Yep, its me. Even though I know about this (well I am the one who pointed it out) Thanks for informing the uninformed.

P.S. Thanks for the credit

P.S.S I think I'll get my own blogger acount.

6/23/2005 2:57 PM  

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