Thursday, June 23, 2005

New, Old, Controller Pics

Check out the following link

Ok, now. These are probably photo-shopped but can anyone read the post? I will update this post soon when I find out more.


Well, it is obviously fake. Since it says that it is by Zombie Wario. Still it looks cool. Anyway, I still haven't got it translated but I'm working on it.

Got it. Translation link below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Non-machine translation:

"As indicated in these supposed photos found on the net, it is speculated that the Revolution's controller will go through a sort of 'metamorphosis' to adapt to the different styles of different eras [different controller layouts from Nintendo's past - me], this to account for the variety of games the console will support through backwards compatibility."

This is just another speculation thread based on some of the pictures floating around the net. Nobody here seems to be claiming the pics are real, or even suggesting they know something about the Revolution that we don'.

6/24/2005 5:13 AM  

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