Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Moz La Punk's 3 sources

Moz La Punk has somehow aquired 3 sources:

Source 1 - Ace/Anonyomous Sam

And, here it is folks, the thing you've been waiting for...
The new information (through e-mail):
I believe these specs were leaked some time ago but never confirmed
or denied. The most exciting part of the spec for me aside from the
ability the make custom game and overlay old code mechanic is the 3
PPU’s this is all new tech done in a new way. The way it works is,
is that each PPU has a different job on the physical side of
processing. One is for environmental physics, one for rigid body
(external) physics, and another for anatomical (internal) physics.
This gives IBM the power to a sacrifice a huge fraction of horsepower
that say PS3 has by doling out the instructions to the PPU’s and frees
up needed processing power at any given time. They also have patented
as you guys know a technique called “cube-mapping” which has been
being worked on and perfected ever since right after the launch of
the Gamecube. To my knowledge Nintendo wanted to aggressively pursue
the technique in hopes of being able to match and even theoretically
exceed PS3 Cell technology without having to build enormous
horsepower into the machine that would make the machine just as
expensive as PS3. My only worry with cube-mapping is since Nintendo
patented it if they will make it available to other developers that
are interested in Rev. rather than just using it on first-party
development. There are a lot of other techniques and that are
patented by Nintendo that allow unbelievable graphics on low
horsepower and low electrical consumption but the question still
stands are Nintendo going to make these available to other 3rd party
I didn’t work for IBM and I’m not an archi but I heard loose talk
that the components inside the Rev. are a giant form of
Nanotechnology. Instead of actually going for nano which would
skyrocket the price to $6,000 or more they have married all of the
hardware very close together and formed what is basically one huge
dedicated functioning unit. Doing this increases speed, lowers power
consumption, and reduces price.
To my knowledge a LOT of developers were jumping on the bandwagon to
develop for Rev. even before I was let go. There were Namco, Konami,
Zoonami, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Epic, Criterion, Bioware, believe it
or not but a representative for Bungie was also there as well as even
Rockstar N. I also heard that Nintendo is demanding exclusitivity
for many of them. On the note of Bungie however there was a lot of
small talk at the office about how the exclusive right on Bungie with
Microsoft had just ended and they were looking to sign another
contract with possibly Nintendo because Microsoft is forcing the
development process on Halo 3 to coincide with the PS3 launch. And
of course my old stomping ground Retro Studios where I worked on the
texture-mapping and visor effects for both Metroid Prime games, those
guys are also working on another Metroid Prime game as we speak. I
still have a lot of friends there who still call me and ask advice
and make small talk. Next week I will join the Factor 5 team and get
assigned to whatever they assign me to.
Now I don’t think this has been made public just yet maybe in Japan
but wouldn’t hold my breath. But I know for a fact that the DVD
emulator for the Rev. you know the internal attachment, will not only
be able to platy standard DVD’s but will also allow you to play HD-DVD
and believe it or not BLU-RAY DVD’s also. This leads me to believe
that Nintendo feels they will strongly need to compete with Sony in
the HD market, and this in my opinion will be the ideal consumer
medium to do so. I don’t know how they will absorb the price maybe
$150 or so for the emulator. But that’s just my price thought, I
don’t think they would retail it for anymore than that if they hope
to sell it. But I do know that for an actual fact.
Don’t get me wrong I love Nintendo and in my opinion they are doing
something truly mind-blowing for they’re next console. By the way I
read the post about the Rev. stand being a recharger of sorts and
that’s absolutely right!!!!!!!! By the way to end all of the
CONSTANT flames and bs on your forum about the “Nintendo On”. IT IS
NOT FAKE, it’s the new Virtual Boy (of sorts, will be an add-on for
Nintendo’s “Project Reality”) and it WILL work hand-in-hand with the
Rev. although it will not be required to play games. It will just
add a whole new dynamic to the games coupled with the controller.
The guys who made it finished it in a month and a half on a Area 51
CPU. I thought it was funny people thought that it was made in a
week by one person, what a joke if one did all that it would’ve
probably taken 6 months or so.
The custom game-making and overlay coding mechanic is also a new
addition to the home console market. It is not easy to explain or
even understand on paper rather then actually seeing in action but
I’ll do my best. Nintendo is offering the dev. Tool to take full
advantage of the hardware’s power it is a combination of everything
the 64DD had to offer in a more simplistic user-friendly way. You
can take any game for example and say there is something you didn’t
like about it or some mechanic that you might want to use in that
game that the developers didn’t offer. It allows you to change that
or add or take away everything from mechanics, sound effects,
textures, incorporate different art styles as you see fit. It
simultaneously gives the consumer and developer large or small the
power to realize their own masterpiece. Whether it’s a game that
borrows mechanics or something that is completely new. At the start
it gives you a smorgasbord of choices from what genre, or you don’t
have to have a genre you could give each and every character in your
game his or her own art style, or portray different characters in
whatever resolution you want.
The system itself features a built-in mic with voice distortion
features so you can do your own voice-over work if you want or you
can also opt to let the AI chips do it for you. This is probably my
favorite feature on the Rev. simply because it has sooo many options.
My creative director told us at Retro that they might even get
permission from Epic and John Carmack to let Nintendo incorporate
their new engines into the dev. Tool however I don’t know if this is
actually going to happen but if so that would be great. With this
feature alone it could literally cripple Sony and Microsoft
next-generation. Because developers will see that Nintendo is
offering an enormously better package and flexible development
process, which over anything else is what publishers and producers
want. Low development cost and top-quality gameplay and cinematics.
Now it would be possible to work with the dev. Tool in your spare time
and theoretically create the best game of all time. Although it is
not plausible because masterpieces usually have hundreds of people
working on them and it takes years to fully realize a game like that,
but with enough time the consumer itself can begin to create their own
gaming universe.
I think it would be great if Nintendo somewhere along the line gave
people the option to show the own independent games off and possibly
win awards and maybe even start their own franchises. That in itself
for me would be a true revolution. What the dev. Tool has going for
it is, is that it is extremely easy to use and pick up but it can get
as in-depth and articulate as you want it to be. I also know for a
fact that Nintendo will be offering online free and unfree upgrades
to the dev. Tool through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as the years go by
and games get more sophisticated. This will help the Rev. and its
biggest feature to grow with the times and generations. The actual
body assembly is of course not even close to being final but I can
assure you that the prototype shown at E3 press conference is what
the dev. Tool and virtual back-library will be housed in. That will
snap into place in the actual machine so you will be able to take it
with you, it is also the systems battery which is rechargeable of

Source 2

But, this is not all. Moz La Punk had contact with ANOTHER source. Another one? Yes. This person claims he's working on an exclusive game for the Revolution, and he says everything this Ace/Sam guy says, and Osoko and Aries too for that matter, is rubbish. Here's what he had to say:
"I can tell you one thing about the controller. There wont be just two parts, but actually three parts that you can put together. Two left-sides and one right-side. The right side will have the a, b, x, y buttons, while the two left parts will have either a d-pad och a stick. You play the NES and SNES games with the first version obviously, if you want to that is. I can also tell you that it will in fact NOT have any microphone, or any heatsensors.

What I can say about the console itself is that it will be if not as good as PS3 and XBOX360, better, because of better structure. Haven't you ever wondered how the Revolution can be out so soon? Can they really make games in that short amount of time? Well, to be honest, it's extremely easy to code for. While you might work for 10 hours coding something for PS3 or XBOX360, you don't even need half that time to code something for Revolution. It's awsome!

We are not allowed to bring cameras with us to our work, but if I could, I would show you a picture of what the dev-kit looks like (it's butt-ugly). But, ofcourse, it's just the beta version so far. The final dev-kit is coming sometime in august, and that will probarbly be even easier to code for than the beta and alpha versions."

Update: This new source has spoken again:
"I want to tell you about the game we are working on. It's a totally new game. It's a mix of RPG and FPS, and it will use the controller to the maximum (the controller does have some cool features, but I can't reveal any of them yet). It will set place in a future that has never been seen before. The graphics are just stunning, and so are the engine it's running on. Did you see Sony's pressconferanse at E3? Did you like what the PS3 was able to do? The Revolution will be able to do that, AND MORE! And this is something we are using alot. You will see some stuff that has never been seen before. We are aiming at releasing this game just a month or two after the Revolution! Oh, and about Nintendo ON, it IS indeed fake, but it's not not too far away from bullseye, if you know what I mean."

Source 3
And in comes a third source, e-mailing the crew about this speculation. Have you lost it yet? We know we have.
"I hope you or no one on reading the site takes anything completely
serious. Of course it is always possible that information leaks out but I can
assure you that 90% of the info posted by your "sources" is false.
I am currently staying In Japan. I am part of Nintendo's health & safety control and
therefor my job is to investigate wether new technology is safe enough to bring
into the homes of millions of people. Feel free to tell the people what my job
is because I work in a pretty big team of 30 people each doing pretty much the
same. Since we have to test various hardware prototypes and of course final
hardware, we are about the biggest team so far that has access to Nintendo's
latest developments. Including the Revolution and it's controller. I am willing
to give your site some exclusive new info before Nintendo themselves will do in

Well, this is all very confusing. the 2nd source claims source 1 and Aries and Osoko Tanka are fake while the 3rd source claims they are all fake.

Believe what you will


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ace is a fake, like all the others out there, but its time to give some proove in this case, too.
He was talking about XENIAS...lol....XENIAS is an imagination that originated from my German fellows (i am ashamed for them) at http://www.n-magazine.de.hm/ ... please read the article "the truth" on that side. So Ace its not good to base lies on other lies...
Bye Bye untruth, bye bye ACE

7/05/2005 2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there's a game like Xenias, but it has another name. I hope he didn't forget me and the other guys like Darealbigtigg at Gamespot and sends me the pictures ... He promised it to me ...

7/05/2005 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don´t let them play with your feelings...these are all fakes...sorry thats the truth...

7/05/2005 2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stopped reading this after the emulator part that talked about the Rev being able to play both HD-DVD and Blue-Ray discs. That is completely far-feteched and unheard of.

I never new that an emulator could make a disc drive magically transform and read completly different formats. If that were true than I'll just download an emulator and be able to run Blue-Ray discs on my old DVD drive on my PC. Unless that internal attachment is a whole disc drive itself I doubt it will be able to read anything further than a standard DVD.

7/05/2005 2:46 PM  
Blogger MSG said...

Hi, im Iwata and the Controller is only one button :)
Thats the Revolution! Believe me!

7/05/2005 3:11 PM  
Blogger Samusa said...

Wow. Very, very interesting. While alot of this sounds farfetched, I am not counting it out yet. We will see how it pans out later this year.

7/05/2005 3:45 PM  
Blogger HereticPB said...


7/05/2005 3:49 PM  
Anonymous DlphnMod said...

Yea the Blu ray HD-DVD guy is totally BS. The second and third are more believeable but they are all mostly fake. As much as I'd love to believe it, I don't believe REV will look as good as PS3.

7/05/2005 4:13 PM  
Anonymous DlphnMod said...

Here are 2 more shots of the only believeable controller pic i have seen. They look almost real.




7/05/2005 4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ DlphnMod, forget about them someone over @ the Game Stop Forums made them, they are fake

7/05/2005 8:41 PM  

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