Sunday, May 29, 2005

Another Nintendo Insider?

At the following was posted

Another Insider... ?

No, not another insider. There are A LOT of fakers around on the Internet, especially when this whole N-Game thing started. Some of them got some things right, like this Aries, but most of them are still fake. Blogs start popping up al over the Internet; all claiming to be 'insiders' and working for Nintendo. However, why would one say _WHERE_ he works and create the risk of being fired? One would not.For obvious reasons, I can't say who I am, where I work and how I get my information. I can't even prove who I am, but that's not my problem; you are the one who can get some information on the Revolution, which is its codename; a final name has not been decided upon..yet.Of course I don't want you to know _ALL_ about Revolution. Some things are very special, I can't risk these things to be stolen by our competitors and it would also ruin the surprise when the machine gets revealed later this year. I will spill some of the beans though; maybe even more than you’d think at this point in time.
I’m very well aware of the fact that this all sounds very common and that every other insider out there (fake or not) utilizes these very same arguments before spilling everything they know, but there is simply no other way of leaking any info without getting sued for breaking NDA’s.Don't believe me? No problem, ciao. Still hanging on? Fine, see you tomorrow.


Another day, another N-sider.


Anonymous Anonymous said... has an other owner... AGAIN.


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