Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nin-Sider post Game Info

Nin-Sider, a man who supposedly knows inside Nintendo info somehow, posted a very long article about Revolution games, all in all, the list of games are

Crystal Chronicles - Square Enix (Will lose the Final Fantasy Title)
A new MMORPG - Square Enix
Metroid Prime 3 - Retro Studios
An RPG - Retro Studios (Spirtual Successor to Raven Blade?)
Waverace - NST
Pilotwings - Namco
SoulCalibur 3 - Namco
Tales of Lamendia - Namco
Mario Kart - Nintendo
Mario - Nintendo
Zelda - Nintendo
Miyamoto's Secret Project - Nintendo
Pikmin 3 - Nintendo
Resident Evil 5 - Capcom
Sonic - Sega
Castlevania - Camelot
New RPG - Camelot
Animal Crossing - Nintendo
Super Smash Bros. 3 - Nintendo

Thats the list. If this is indeed true, than expect a freakin' awesome line-up from Nintendo. But once again, I can't stress enough the fact that this is a rumor, and rumors most be believed on an individual basis, so believe what you want.

Source - http://nin-sider.blogspot.com/


Anonymous Gamephoria said...

Wow. If that's the list of games..then WOW. It all sounds very nice and somewhat logical and this guy seems pretty confident about his information. Then again, who's to say he's believable at all. But I like his attitude. Heck, I almost wondering if this guy is Aries!

6/01/2005 5:41 PM  

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