Sunday, May 29, 2005

Nintendo Forum Post

The following was posted bya user named Maineiac on the Nintendo Forums.

Ok so im A cappy whatever that is. i tried getting on this site earlier but didnt know of all the requirements, but anyways i have some info on this controller and other details of rev. I CANNOT say who it has come from so dont ask there are many reasons why i cannot reveal the source. So i heard from someone close to me who heard and knows someone inside nintendo that the controller will have voice recognition in it? Why? well lets say you want to play mario 64 just simply say the name and it will come up, how bout playing donkey kong just say the name. I guess this is easier than going thru all the games in the menu especially if you know the name of the game. But there is more to the controller than that, Again this is what ive been told.Also this person close to me said there is a reason why the revoulution will be small? remember iwata said it will be smaller i guess there is a reason? Nintendos ad campaign will have the phrase " big things come in small packages". This person also said nintendo is crazy the price will be very reasonable and what comes packaged with revolution will make it one of hottest items to have expect it to sell fast.


If you noticed, you would have seen that the revdeveloper blog posted that SSB: Fire will be packaged with the revolution, now, noticed what this guy said and compare. Works out? Perhaps, we will have to see in the future.

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