Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Even More Nin-Sider Answers

Here they are:

Shade, interesting stuff about the innovatek cooling system. I haven't heard much about it, but as far as I can tell, this could very well be in it. I think it's in. Don't mark these words though ;)
Husky217 said...
Finally, a sensible "insider"! i loved reading all your posts, and thought I would try to pry some good info out of you :-) Thanks!

Will the revolution use stereographic 3D graphics? It sounded like you hinted at this in one of your posts. If so, what hardware (special glasses for example) will be used?

Will the revolution use a visor? If so, will it detect motion? I'm sure the NintendoOn thing is fake, but I liked the idea of the visor. The standing and moving your feet to move around looked horrible on the other hand.

Will there be a new Kid Icarus game for the Revolution? If so, PLEASE give out ALL the info you can about it :-)

If Nintendo doesn't reveal the "revolution" until Sony and Microsoft finalize their consoles, would they still be able to steal the "revolution"? Or will it be too late by then? I'm not sure if their console would be able to receive any possible new types of input.

Can't/Won't tell you anything about the stereoscopic stuff ;) Won't be a visor though. Kid Icarus was already confirmed in one interview somewhere, so yes, that one is in the works. Hate to tell you, but don't know to much about it. Only heard it will be good ;)
When the Revolution is revealed, there won't be any chance of Sony or Microsoft to imitate the idea. Microsoft will be too late either way, while the X360 is released or will shortly be released at the unveiling. Sony hasn't got the patents/partners/technology to implement it in time. So unless some insider leaks all the info within two months, they won't steal it ;)

NOALink said...
Is there anything to gain by looking at patent filing, or are all of those reports red herrings?

Also, it would be interesting if the 512 MB flash memory was compatable with the DS (as a cart) and you could continue your games on that system...

I guess your not really an NOA guy ;) Well, there was that patent for some sort of gyration sensors in a 3d-world. However, this was pictured with a GBA and gamecube. But question yourself, is there a game which uses this? 3d movement through gyration control? Nope. Maybe the GBA/Cube set up is just used to show how it works. Think about it.

What would be interesting is if you could send your savegame of Super Mario Bros. 3 (SMB3), plus SMB3 itself (presuming you can save, unlike the original NES version) to your DS. You play a while and after that, you send your save state back to the revolution, where it will be saved. Would be cool and handy for households with one TV. Your parents want to see something? No problem, upload it to your DS and game on.

Anonymous said...
ok 1st off thx for answering all my questions, and 2nd do u have any idea when all this stuff about the revolution will officially be revealed?

Should be around Septembre. Somewhere near the end of the year anyway.
Anonymous said...

Hello I would just like to ask wether Nintendo have secured any exclusive third party games, or new second parties? Also can you comment on the statement made by Square Enix which said that the Revolution is completely new platform, not a handheld or a home console.

Where did they say that? The Revolution will be a home console. Otherwise Nintendo would have made a Revolution AND a home console. However, SE might be relating to the revolutionairy part. Which me seem 'completely new'. Third party support is going to be better than now on gamecube.


Believe what you will


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