Friday, June 24, 2005

New Commentor

I've created a new title, Commentor. These are people who right stuff under blog comments saying that they know things about the revolution. At there was one such man.

The following are his comments under Falafelkids post about the Revolution Ad.

Comment 1

contacts across the world will not create the revolutionread between the lines - do not blindly follow claimstrust me or not, the revolution will follow after the black box is releasedthe revolution is with the people and everything, the N game and your thoughts are being processed by the left brain to create a new gaming erai speak my mind clearly - do you have the faith and knowledge to understand it come togetherhollywood and broadway, will there be a need to for have high definitioni do not lie, use your right brain to expand the words, do not dismissi do not know everything but a plan is underway, specs change, designs change, controller change and plans change but nintendo remains - innovaterssymbolism has true meaning, work for the secret, do not let it be fed you, if you wish to discover, engage your braini do not claim anything, i do not give you false information, i ask you listen and think, i am aware and have been observing since the beginning,put the pieces together if you wish to find and even when nintendo show us, the game continuesmeanwhile, go to movies and watch metroid when it comes
7:30 AM

Comment 2 your mind i'm not saying this sit is wrong but i'm trying to guide those who are looking for the answers
7:54 AM

Comment 3

i do not start my own story or site - nor do i claim you lie i do not suggest you are lying but people trust you - trust must be earnt - just like me - disable all guests and annonymous if you are to feeling my concerni don't do insults or spamming or offence anyone here - i respect others and know you will think i lie - but i am not like osaka tanaka i don't know everything but i have an idea - based on fact not fiction i will leave and not post to show i am not to lie or decive people -like i said before - specs are not confirmed and work are still being done and pictures are impossible at this stage - who would have access to them - i have not played the revolution - who has done so?i don't want to spoil the surprise but new disc technology, viewing, user interface are key things - the games will change how we see games and people who afraid or game consoles and will be drawn in - easy to use for anyone visor will most likely be a periphal and optional, yet to be decided - it is a serious possibility - work is still being done - i don't know everythingthis black box is NOT the successor to the gamecube - bigger things are to come gamecube ports not just to play gamecube games but if you want to play revolution games in a normal or regular way - traditional feeli respect you people and this blogs writer and i don't try to make people believe me it has to be tried to be understood - like a rollercoaster - how does it feel? - have a go your self been fun, i will keep reading, all the best
9:55 AM


His Patent Link won't show up. But I will investigate it more. I will post on it tonight or maybe later today.

Believe what you will


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not pay attention to the latest revolution info, the past shows all. Let your mine be taken by rumor, for some may speak truth. Gyration is the answer, you "eyes" are the answer......This is what revolution is.....

....Picture two high-tech gloves outfitted with buttons and gyros.
In front of you, a special "eye toy" like device that detects movements and other signals from the gyroscopic controls.
You can beat games with just wiggling your fingers or clutching you fist........

Not new technology, just not been done before.....

For whoever does this blog, let imagination be your weapon and guide to....the revolution.

6/24/2005 2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6/24/2005 2:47 PM  
Blogger ashpool said...

Here's the link for the patent:

Think you had to separate out some of the words, but it just seems to be the cube-mapping jazz that's floating around.

As for Serious Gamer 007, everything he has suggested to be true is extremely compelling, but, really, even if he's right, he's just starting to be a huge pain in the friggin' ass. Everywhere I go he seems to pop up with some BS post trying to garner attention like a mewling infant desperately whining for recognition. Either post something of note or get the fuck off the internet. You're wasting good bandwith.


6/24/2005 3:27 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

check out my site,

see if you guys can make anything of that newest post, i need help with it...

6/24/2005 4:05 PM  
Blogger ashpool said...

For you dan:

革命- 一个猛烈和广远的变化在思维方式和表现上;


Revolution - one 个 fierce harmony 广? Mark? Conversion resident in thought? System harmony chart? On;

but that's a google translation.

Hmmmm, Nintendo On video, didn't it show 1, then 2, then 8, then 4 in those little red boxes?

Somebody check that, I have to go to the beach!!!

6/24/2005 4:22 PM  
Blogger DanthePirate said...

here's what i got with babelfish:

Revolutionary - violent and far-reaching change in thinking mode and performance

chinese simple to english translation.

also, i'll check that in the video...

6/24/2005 4:29 PM  
Blogger DanthePirate said...

yes you're right, the numbers go, 1,2,8,4...

not sure if it's a connection... but possibly.

6/24/2005 4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SeriousGamer007 speaks-

Preliminary much this is.

6/24/2005 5:42 PM  

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