Thursday, July 07, 2005

Possession announced for the Revolution

The game possession was announced for the Revolution. You can read the original story at

Games Radar

Also, here is a trascript of the story:

Blitz Games has added Nintendo's still secret Revolution to the list of next-generation consoles that are awaiting Possession, the only game that lets you see the effects of a zombie holocaust from the perspective of the shuffling mob.

Designed to work both on and offline, you will be able to take control of a necromantic overlord who orchestrates his undead horde, a hungry meatbag in solo pursuit of b-b-b-brains or play as a single hero gunning to stop the fleshy army taking over his world.

Although Blitz Games are yet to find a publisher for Possession, these shots of the possessor himself in action should reveal enough gore and guts to convince everyone to "join us".

Possession will be unleashed on PS3, Xbox 360 and Revolution

Sounds pretty cool. But the graphics look sub-par, maybe because it is early in development.


Anonymous DlphnMod said...

The moral of this story is that now we know that REV is at least as powerful as Posession requires, so that could be promising........

7/07/2005 11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SERIOUSGAMER007 HAS BEEN BANNED FROM THE NINTENDO SITE. He Released a detailed analysis of all the information he believes to be true. He mentioned that he did not work for Nintendo however gave detailed information on how he came up with the end result. He discussed patents, Financial Reports, Backlinks,IBM Press Releases, Gyration, etc! HE WAS BANNED SHORTLY THEREAFTER.

It must be real. He didnt do anything wrong. He Just stated what he believed it all to be. Apparently he was an Intelligence Analyst in the military at one time. He used his skills to follow the industry and deliver. Once again he was Banned!!!

He PM'd Me with another screen name. He said he would be back.

I think he was right all along! ! !

7/07/2005 11:07 AM  
Anonymous DlphnMod said...

So tell us what he said then....the details and the evidence

7/07/2005 11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he didn't post evdence like usual he just said that he'd been following what they had been doing over ther past few years and thats what he strongly thought would be true

i realy don't thinknintendo would ban him for tell the people on the forums what he thought was true, it would hurt nintendo and even if it was true nintendo could just deny it, and if he could figure it out don't u think microsoft and sony could too?

personally i think that it might have been him breaking some rules in the past catching up to him, i don't think the mods on those forums do a very good job

7/07/2005 12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7/07/2005 12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can PM him. He can not post yet but he has a new name.



Nintendo has shortened his Ban to two weeks.

The Kog

7/07/2005 1:40 PM  
Anonymous DlphnMod said...

Check out this flash

Remember all those games?

7/07/2005 1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SERIOUSGAMER007 was banned because he was an idiot. He's full of shit.

7/07/2005 3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SeriousGamer007 has his own BLOG ! ! !

The Kog

7/07/2005 3:36 PM  
Anonymous fusoya said...

he got banned good.
i was actually reading it til page 4 then the thread was deleted. all he typed was clean speculation and some evidence to back it up with. his integrity was also questioned for being in the air force, but he responded saying he is 27, was an intelligence analyst, ranked grunt, and worked for some particular squad (i forget which.)

other than that, i saw no reason for mods to delete the thread (other than previous accounts of spam.) the thread had no profanity, and surprisingly little flaming.

anyhow, relating to the article, 'possession' is multi-platform implying the rev will be just as capable as the xbox360 and ps3 in terms of graphics. also note that the rev's controller will be able to play what xbox360 and ps3 games, so it won't be as wacky as we thought.

7/07/2005 5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SeriousGamer007 is da man


7/07/2005 6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whos phalanx

7/07/2005 6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me say this. SeriousGamer007 is the actual real deal. I know him. Listen he is being deceptive. He makes post to make you believe that he works at Nintendo and then he makes you believe he doesnt.

Everything the guys knows about the Revolution is 100% true. No Shit.

He is in marketing for Nintendo. His job was to create hype for the system. Now he is self discrediting himself with crazy antics. I am a person that works for Nintendo as well. Call him on it.

Dont believe his self discreditation. He is the real deal.

Dont you think he knows just a little to damn much not to be real?

He was part of a large marketing campaing headed by Reggie Fils-Aime.

I know SeriousGamer007's identity and he is real. He knows the truth.

Dont flame him or discredit him. Challenge him. Dont give into this marketing bullshit.

What SeriousGamer007 said about the console was true. 100%.

Why am I doing this you ask? I have my own reasons.

If you go to his Blog challenge his ass. Dont believe the discreditation of himself by crazy antics.

He knows the whole plan. He is a high level marketing executive inside Nintendo.

-Disgruntled Nintendo Employee.

7/07/2005 7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is his Blog. It is about time someone stopped this marketing bullshit.

Challenge him. If I know him well enough he will break under the pressure.

7/07/2005 7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude I just checked out the mans blog.

That dude is articulate.

I think he just might be real.

7/07/2005 8:12 PM  
Blogger Nomadx469 said...

Miyamoto saids...

"Sitting in front of your monitor with a controller, there's really nowhere to go from that paradigm, all you can do is make it prettier and faster," he stated. "What Nintendo wants to do is to open up that road, create something that goes beyond."

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, June 30 Edition

7/07/2005 8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SeriousGamer007. There is something about him that just seems official. It is weird but when I read his stuff it seems like it is just a marketing game.

John D.

7/07/2005 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your true name 1S...Reggie Fils-Aime

7/07/2005 8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SeriousGamer007, Your true name 1S...Reggie

7/07/2005 8:48 PM  

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