Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Skies of Wonder Confesses

Well, Skies of Wonder has revealed himself. Here is his post.

I'm lost_revolution. I'm skiesofwonder. I thank you for solving my riddles, asking me questions, and/or waiting for my next post.

What your about to hear will most likely not go so well for you, but its gotta get out there, right now.

I love nintendo, and so does Brooke and Matt. Me and him have are connections to Nintendo (IGN). We had an idea of marketing the revolution by word of mouth becuase Nintendo was going to be so secretive about the revolution. Little did we know it would become so big.

Your a part of what makes the revolution so revolutionary (well, besides the system itself). The marketing was planned out before the revolution was even seen. Brooke (A.K.A) Aries was the first to start it by saying he knew something about the revolution. He then got IGN (Me and Matt) to post the article up on are site, so that lots of people would see it. He then named himself Aries, and proceded to tell all about the revolutionary features. I'm sure you know this, but He then said that something huge would happen on May 19th. everybody automatically thought about E3, but little did they know that a little lost_revolution was created.

We did not know it would spread so fast. Millions of fakers were spreading false info around, and it made the revolution a very hot topic. I was going to start in june, but there were to many fakers, so I had to wait intill everything kinda died down.

Gamefaqs was always a personal favorite of mine, and it was the first to come to mind when brooke pitched the idea to me and Matt. I started to make all the clues add up, like lost_revolution=dreamcast, skiesof wonder=skies of arcadia MMORPG, and many more.

Cube-mapping is always a good possiblity for the revolution, and so is the falcon technology for the controller. The NGB=revolution thing was just made up by me, but boy, now that I think about it, a system that small with a screen and a projector would be awesome.
most of my words do come from true specualtion, and do not be suprised if some of it comes true.

I'm sorry if I made any of you guys mad or frustrated. Dont get mad at me, brooke came up with the idea. I know you guys had fun, and I'm open to answer any questions you have about the revolution on my AOL account. But, This is most likely the last time you will see my Lost_revolution account.

If you don't believe my story, email the REAL Matt or Brooke, and they will tell you.

Well, let your right brain run wild, and I guess I will see you later.

(P.S. august Is so Great for niNtendo and somebody else)

Nintendo Revolution = NGB
Nintendo revolution will have Square Enix

Is this believable? I guess so. Is it true? Probably not.

Believe what you will


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