Tuesday, July 05, 2005

SeriousGamer007 reveals all

Hi Everyone I feel that it is time to reveal myself and who I am.

I always wanted to work for Nintendo when I was a kid. I grew up playing their games since I was 8. First Nintendo game I played Karate Champ. Loved it. Then I played Super Mario Bros. and couldnt stop until I beat Bowser. I have owned every Nintendo Console except the Virtual Boy.

I do not work for Nintendo. I am sorry. I used to be in the United States Military. I have served in both the United States Air Force as well as the US. Army as an Intelligence Analyst.

I am currently in Marketing. Internet Marketing. I have been researching the Revolution for the last couple of years. Following its every move. Using my skills I have learned in intel to do my research. Using my marketing skills to write these threads to generate hype. The information I have given all of you pictures, specs, etc. is what I have compiled based off this extensive research.

In intel you often have to distinguish between what is real or not. What is of value and what is bogus. The info I have given you was my best guess based on what we know, patents file, financial reports, etc.

Why did I do this you ask. Well I always wanted to work for Nintendo since I was a kid. Originally I wanted to be a game tester, then designer, and eventually I just wanted to run the Nintendo of America. It was a kids dream.

I started noticing how I felt Nintendo was being mismanaged. My first worries came when the N64 was overhyped and under delivered. It was supposed to be what I hope the Revolution will be. As powerful as a Silicon Graphics Workstation. Ultimately it did not deliver and I remember being disappointed with the console. Some games were fun but I really enjoyed my Playstation though I pumped money into my N64 just because I was loyal to Nintendo and still loved their first party games.
The Gamecube continued this trend. It lost more marketshare than the N64 did and I new Nintendo did not have the right people in the front office.

You see I am a Fanboy in the sense however I can look at things objectively and say wait a minute things are not so good in Nintendo land. I love Nintendo's First Party games but as I saw their marketshare dwindle I grew concerned.

They are constantly getting outmarketed by Sony and Microsoft. It is the Perception that Microsoft and Sony generate. When Microsoft claimed that Nintendo was a cute little purple system designed for kids Nintendo did not come back to slam them. Where was the marketing team there.

Nintendo's Kiddy image is owed to its competitors creating that illusion as much as Nintendo letting them do it. Nintendo could of easily struck back with the right people in place.

I started to notice the Fanboys of Nintendo shake and quiver in the forums. They loved the console but were getting owned and ragged on by Sony and Microsoft Fanboys. Nintendo once again created the wrong perception by stating our console will be 2-3 times more powerful than the Gamecube. Only to back track these statements.

These were not smokescreens but marketing mistakes. These were not designed to mislead Sony and Microsoft but were blunders.

I saw this and was not going to let Nintendo get its Arsse Kicked anymore. I would use my past expertise to drive up hype. I knew how to do it and I would.

Because every Nintendo Fan deserves it. I wont give you my real name because I dont want you to know it. This wasnt for my attention. I just want Nintendo to kick arsse again.

For once to deliver what it did in the 8bit and 16bit days.
In a recent Nintendo Forum post, SeriousGamer007 stated he actually knew nothing about the Revolution. Here is his post:

I thought if I could drive up hype maybe it would make a change. Maybe Nintendo will deliver the ultimate console again like they did with the NES and the Super Nes and what they promised with the N64.

Maybe I could get the Fanboys in Sony and Microsoft to be in shock and come back to Nintendo. This grew quicker than I anticipated with Interviews on Blogs and I think even IGN mentioned the Seriousgamer somewhere so I heard.

I just hope that Nintendo Finally delivers on the goods.

SeriousGamer007's Revolution is my Revolution. It is the Revolution that I hope for. Lets see what Nintendo's Revolution. I hope it matches up. If all my research pays off. It will.

Or I am wrong.

In the end I hope one thing happens. Nintendo delivers.

There you have it. Simply put. Everthing he has stated is in the past is in fact speculation.

Source - Nintendo Forums


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Clapping" Nintendo give this guy a job. You could use him.

7/05/2005 5:42 PM  
Blogger HereticPB said...

hahahaha finally!

7/05/2005 7:14 PM  

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