Friday, June 24, 2005

New Revdeveloper post

Finally, after nearly 1month, the people who call themselves "Team Beta" has wrote once again saying the following:

革命- 一个猛烈和广远的变化在思维方式和表现上;


The post translates into:

Revolutionary - violent and far-reaching change in thinking mode and performance

Also, the post is titled RevolutiON with the "ON" capitilized.

But that is not the interesting part. It says that it was posted March 19th 2006. Possible Revolution Release Date perhaps?

UPDATE has a good explanation of what the post may mean. Very interesting. It is absolutly crazy how much attention NintendON has gotten, and it seems to be getting more by the day. Maybe it is fan made or maybe not.

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Blogger DanthePirate said...

they made another one, i posted my thoughts on my site:

tell me what you guys think, and if you have anything i should add to it. thanks.

6/24/2005 11:28 PM  

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