Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Serious Gamer to reveal all?

Apparently, SeriousGamer007 will reveal an unfinished picture of the Revolution Controller at 12 PDT which is in 20 minutes. I guess we'll see if this comes true soon enough.

Here is his post:

I here your disappointments. I new this time would come when some would lose faith.

I will give you what you seek. I have sent some this information. They have been loyal not to post it.

At Noon Pacific Time I will post a preliminary leaked picture of the Nintendo Revolution Controller.

The Revolution Controller will be almost exactly like this picture externally with the Major changes being internal. Like it or not this is it.

SeriousGamer007 - Out


Source - Nintendo Forums


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got Pm'd the Pic, its entirely fake... even says the word speculation on it. You have all already seen this pic too :| http://www.neoplastique.com/victor/revZombieWario-especulation.jpg

6/28/2005 3:01 PM  

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