Monday, May 30, 2005

Nextgen blogspot

The blog Nextgenclassic has some good revolution news, you should check it out

Revdevelopers original owner moved

The man who previously used now uses this blog

Check it out, very interesting.

I remind you all to scroll down to the bottom of the page in order to see a list of sites to check daily.

Revdeveloper dfying the disbelievers

The people who brought us the SSB: Fire info has posted the following on their site to back-up their credibility. Here is it:

Due to some current speculation and doubts about us, we are sending out this message. It has been noted that people are inquiring about the 20 man team. People saying that this number is too low for such a game, and that HAL Laboratory are the developers in charge. However, we did not say that we were the ONLY team working on Fire, but said we were A team. Super Smash Bros: Fire is made up of many teams of small members, thus, each team is assigned a part. We are just one of the teams in the vast development of Fire. Hal Laboratory has devised many small teams, to get the job done quicker, but with a quality that is astounding.

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