Saturday, May 28, 2005

NintendoOn Video Real?

It was posted by the anonymous commentor and now it has been confirmed?

This was posted at "Revolution Today"

Either someone is cashing-in on the recent N-Game theories or the Nintendo ON video may be true afterall.Take a look at interesting.It has been created by Melee web design, a legitimate company that have also created a Nintendo DS website.Keep an eye on this one!

NintendoOn is becoming more suspious by the day.

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Another Nintendo Source?

On Osoko Tanako's Comments an Anonymous comment was posted:

Hi I really work for Nintendo and im here to tell you that Nintendo Revolution is going to be an amazing machine. It’s estimated to be about three times faster than the PS3 and two times faster than the Xbox360. The NintendoON video that was shown across the Internet was not fake, it was actually a marketing campaign we came up with at Nintendo of America to get interest in the Revolution, you see we knew we were not going to release allot of information at E3 this year (just to stop other company’s from stealing our ideas like they have done in the past) so we needed something to keep interest for the media and fans. It was a not well known European company that made the video for us, you see we didn’t want it to look too professional because we didn’t want people to believe in it fully and wanted them to have some doubt in there minds but then the company that made it surprised us in the quality of the Video and so that’s why we got them to released some Pictures to prove it was fake. If we hadn’t of done that then we knew fans would be terribly disappointed when the real revolution was shown, I hope you can forgive us for getting your hopes up. Now your all probably wondering what the real revolution is now, well I can tell you one thing, it has something to do with Gyroscopic controls, that’s all I can say for now. After searching to see if the ON video rumours had stopped I found this site that’s why I posted here, I cant tell you if Osoko is telling the truth, I haven’t really read all through his posts but from what I have read what he’s saying isn’t real but like I said I didn’t read the whole thing. Thats all i can tell you.

Once again, believe what you will.

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New Tech Leak??

In an article posted at InsideGamer the following was written

It seems in this war of new consoles the only clear profit-maker is IBM. IBM has made the PowerPC-based core(s) for the Xbox 360, the Cell processor for Sony in conjunction with Sony and Toshiba, and also the Power-PC G5 based processor(s) for the Nintendo Revolution. Not one, but four! Yes, apparently the Revolution will feature FOUR 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5-class processors, codenamed "Broadway", and a graphics processor by ATI, codenamed "Hollywood", the dual-core RN520, with 16MB of frame buffer DRAM. Technically, this makes the Revolution a bit more powerful (2.5 x 4 > 3.2 x 3, 16 > 10). The Revolution also features 512 MB of memory.

This could be true or not, think what you will.

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Revolution Leak Tomorrow?

Ok, so I know you are all sick and tired of these farseers, however, read the following. It is from Broken Saints.

I don’t want to sound fake like a lot of you say about Aries (hey, it might even be true that Aries was fake), but I’m going to get a link to a website with inside information. You need a username and password to access this info, so don’t expect to be given a link. I also promised the person who’s giving me the link that whatever I see on that site, I can’t tell anyone about. I’m also under oath to delete the username and password cookies so that I can’t go on again. I did ask my source a few questions about things they are allowed to talk about. Here’s what I got out of them:
1) an official unveiling date is given on the site; that info I am allowed to share2) they have a final product of the controller on the site3) graphics definitely surpass XO’s (my abreviation for Xbox 360)4) the controller is supposedly freakishly awesome5) it will be the cheapest6) my source personally thinks the PS3 will bomb in the market due to the pricepoint and time of release
After viewing the site, I will tell you if Aries’ info holds up. I should know by tomorrow.

We will see tomorrow he says, and so we will. Check back here alot tomorrow to see if his words are true.

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