Saturday, July 02, 2005

New Revolution Ad

I got this ad sent to me through email

The picture is really big when I post it, so go here to see it:

Revolution Controller

That was the whole email. Nothing else.

Believe what you will. But this is obviously implying the controller will be able to split into two controllers.

Ign to post this tomorrow

I was e-mailed the following link by someone who wishes to remain anonyomous.

Here is the transcript:

Revolution Update
Revolution to be able to output to multiple televisions.
by Matt Casamassina

July 3, 2005 - At a share holders meeting today, Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s president, Saturo Iwata, revealed that the company's next generation game console, code-named Revolution, would be able to wirelessly output to multiples televisions. He went on to explain that this would, "add an exciting, new element to multiplayer games," and would, "give developers a tool to deliver creative and fun gaming expierences."

Iwata revealed that Nintendo co-developed this technology with wireless solutions expert Broadcom. Iwata said, "By utilizing Broadcom's wireless technology, Nintendo can provide the high performance connectivity capabilities that will truly make users of Revolution say, 'Wow!'" Earlier this year, Broadcom announced a strategic partnership with Nintendo to provide its next generation consoles with wireless broadband technologies.

While Iwata did not go into any specifics about implementation of this technology, it seems that the Revolution will be able to output different images to different devices. Theoretically, then, the Revolution could allow players to play games in rooms other than that which the Revolution is in, or have multiplayer games with each person at a different TV, but playing the game on the same Revolution. However, all of this is currently nothing more than speculation. Nintendo's cryptic comments could easily mean something entirely different.

At May's E3 event, Saturo Iwata commented that the Revolution will fundamentally change the way in which controller, console, television and wifi interact. Could this new innovation from Nintendo be the change Iwata had in mind? Maybe. We will have to wait and see until more information is released.


Notice the July 3rd date. This could very well be true and probably is. Imagine, your friend/s are over and you want to play a multiplayer game but you hate looking at 4 inchs of space. Just hook up a couple more tvs and BAM! Magic. Beautiful.