Friday, July 22, 2005

New Insider?

There was a wise woman blog has posted the following statement:


I am Shiang Cun, and i am simply going to make this post telling you what I know about nintendos up and coming console the revolution and i will make one more answering your questions.

I will not disclose who I am or who I work for so please do not ask.

I have only seen the revolutions controller on one occasion, and I do know some of the specs for the console but again I will not disclose this.

I do not claim I know of the revolutionary feature of the revolution, however I have seen a prototype of the controller, where by the revolutionary feature was not shown.

here is a quick drawing of what the controller looks like. The blue 'grips' are pressure sensitive and the controllers do use gyroscopic technology.

When i saw the controller, there was simply two parts to it - one for each hand, I am now led to believe nintendo have implemented a way to attach the two peices together for a more traditional experience.

I know that these two features are not the revolutionary aspect nintendo are implementing into the next generation of gaming, because I have been told this by nintendo theirselves.

that is all I am willing to say

thank you and feel free to post a question, I will answer all in my next and final post

He also posted an image:

The post was made by one, Shiang Cun.

Believe what you will I guess

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