Sunday, July 17, 2005

Aries comes forth?

The following article was posted on the N-Game Zodiac Forums:

A few people receieved this message from him:

Hello fellow gamers. Shortly before E3 a poster by the name of Aries began to start various rumors about Nintendo's next generation console, the Revolution. For about a week Aries posted on, giving out "scoops" on the Revolution's features, games, and online capibility. At E3, many of Aries' predictions came true, but not enough to prove his credibility.

I was the one called Aries. Shortly before E3, IGN posted a story on Broken Saints' owner Brooke Burgess, who claimed he had a good idea on what the Revolution's "secret" function would be. After reading his post, which was claimed the Revolution would support stereoscoptic 3D, I became rather upset. It seemed me that his story was based on information that had already been disproven. Because of this I took it upon myself to create a much more realistic vision of what the Revolution could be like.

I already had many ideas about what the Revolution could be like, many of which I thought to be pretty innovative and exciting. In Broken Saint's comments forum, I proceded to share my ideas with other under the alias of Aries, a game developer working on Revolution software.

My intention of pulling this prank was to get people excited about the Revolution and Nintendo's E3 conference. I felt that the major gaming news sites were ignoring the Revolution in order to spend more time on Sony and Microsoft's machines. This bothered me. I wanted to spark the interest of gamers, not mislead them. I truly felt Nintendo was going to blow everyone away at E3 with the Revolution. But alas, it wasn't to be. Nintendo decided to spend more time showcasing Electroplankton than their next generation hardware. Although many of my predictions came true, I could not help but be disappointed overall by the E3 showing. I am sure that the Revolution will be amazing, I just think Nintendo made a mistake by not giving gamers more details early on.

So in short, I was Aries. There is no Game. If anyone was upset or offended by my actions they can talk to me anytime on our forums. I did this on my own, therefore no one else should be brought into this. Game Bunker as a site and organization had nothing whatsoever to do with Aries or my prank. I hope we can put this rather interesting piece of gaming history behind us. I look forward to Nintendo revealing more about the Revolution, and I look forward to playing the other two great next generation systems as well.


Phoenix Dark, formerly known as Aries

Well, could it be fake? Yes. Is it probably fake? Yes. Anyone could have written this message besides Aries. And he was wrong, Aries post for nearly 3 weeks on the BrokenSaints Blog.

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