Thursday, June 30, 2005

Osoko Tanaka is back!

Here is what he said:

Welcome back guys

Maybe you may think I'm a fake.
And some people have started to make me questions in Japanese to can
"discover" me.
Well, let me answer a comment about "japanese language":

"Yes, I understand Japanese. I think your Japanese is decent.
You can improve it for the better. But I've understood you.
I'm Japanese. Despite you think I'm a fake.
I read all news about the world."

Let's keep talking about Revolution... Don't you think?

Maybe, I could say a comment with a lot of doubts.
And I'll do so.

"Are you ready for the Revolution? ... why? (...) THEY are ready now...
ready for it..."


P.D: I'll answer your questions next time. Sorry

No comment

Only Nintendo Revolution

Revolution Ad 9

With all of this information flying around, I get confused sometimes. It was today I realized that I forgot to post Revolution Ad 9 yesterday

Revolution Ad 9

Source 1 - Something is Going On
Source 2 - moz-la-punk's forum

Interview with me

Jetk from the Nintendo Forums, interview me. Here is the transcript:

Me) Hello there

Phalanx) hello

Me) May I ask you some questions?

Phalanx) sure

Me) How come you know so much about the Revolution?

Phalanx) I don't
I just gather rumors

Me) And you do a good job at that

Phalanx) Thank You

Me) You're welcome

Me) Tell me... Do you think that the Revolution will be the "weakest" of the three console?

Phalanx) I think it will be on-par with the 360

Me) The GameCube is said to be more powerful than the PS2, however, Nintendo has been "downplaying" graphics for a long time... Do you think that the Revolution will be close in graphics capabilities as the PS3?

Phalanx) no
it would be too expensive then
they have to keep prices low to compete
which they will
200 dollars max

Me) So, you don't see a Nintendo console retailing for $300?

Phalanx) no

Me) Where do you see the competition heading between the three major companies? Do you see Nintendo claiming back their Throne?

Phalanx) no
I see PS3 holding 60% of the market
X-Box and the Revolution will be tied
with 20 each

me) So, the Revolution will not be as revolutionary when it comes to taking back its people... What about the controller.. is it true that it will have gyroscopic technology?

Phalanx) I believe it will

Me) So, the games will play something like WarioWare?

Phalanx) When I say it will use Gyroscoptic
Imagine an FPS and aiming by moving your controller up and down
so the Gyroscope will take place of a second analog stick
Me) I see. Do you also see touch screen technology on the controller?

Phalanx) I wouldn't be surprised
much like the controller that is only a touch-screen with haptic feedback I
could see that as well
not a touch-screen like the DS
they wouldn't do that

Me) Do you see the controller being "THE BIG GUN" in the next generation? Something that will leave people in awe and applauding Miyamoto as well as Mr. Iwata? Speaking of Mr. Iwata, do you agree with the direction that he's taking Nintendo?

Phalanx) to your first question
I do
to your second
which direction exactly do you mean?
he has many
like Wi-fi for instance
on the DS
do you mean every old Nintendo game downloadable?

Me) I mean, Free Wi Fi networking, as well as the retro downloading, but mainly, appealing to the older gamers... you know, the guys and girls who grew up playing the NES who are now in their thirties.

Phalanx) I think it will help some
but after talking to 3 people for 2 weeks in a row who are avid Xbox followers they said that they just like Halo and the killing and the satisfying sniping feel you can get
Nintendo needs to attract average games
people who like to kill
and will buy a game based on the name and the box

Me) That brings me to the question... is it true that Nintendo is working on a FPS for the Revolution? A new franchise? Have you heard any of those rumors?

Phalanx) I have
and I think they probably are
it would be good way to launch the system
I wouldn't be surprised if Retro was working on that along with Metroid Prime 3

Me) Yeah, that would really be something. I love Retro and what they've done with Samus. Let me ask you about the recent ads that have been flooding around. Do you have an "insider" who is actually working on advertisement from Nintendo? How are these coming to light and so many of them!

Phalanx)I actually don't know
I bet the first one was real
and then it was only a matter of time before the thousands of Nintendo Revolution Fan Boys began creating more

Me) Something like has been happening with Nintendo ON and Pablo?

Phalanx) ?

Me) I'm sorry, I've taken much of your time... let me ask you one last question... do you mind if I post our conversation in the Nintendo forums?

Phalanx) not at all

Me)I'll give you the link so that you could follow the replies... Thank you very much for your time! and keep up the good work

Phalanx) your welcome and I will