Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Revolution Ad 8

A new Revolution Ad has appeared:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I will find out where it came from in a minute. But it looks like a photograph of an earlier ad that was printed off and then scanned onto the computer.

Source - Nintendo Forums

Revolution Ad 6 & 7

RevoGaming has apparently recieved 2 new Revolution Ads that they call authentic. I will quote what they said:

A source has revealed exclusively to RevoGaming images of what appears to be further Nintendo Revolution ad material. Details and images inside.

The images were revealed exclusively to RevoGaming by a source who wishes to remain anonymous. The first two ads echo the first revealed previously by RevoGaming, quoting a March 2006 revealing or launch and with images of a Revolution console and a screenshot of Metroid Prime 3. The third ad, however, makes reference to the infamous Nintendo ON video as well as quoting an August 2005 revealing. The August date mentioned is interesting as rumours regarding a new SpaceWorld to be held 2005 claim that August is the supposed date. Satoru Iwata also mentioned that more Revolution details would be uncovered before the end of the year.

Another interesting thing to note is that the Revolution image used in the first ad shown below is similar to the one used in some of the images that were revealed as rumour earlier.


Here are the pictures:

Revolution Ad 6

Revolution Ad 7

Well, I have always thought that the first could be real and maybe the second but the others, not sure. These last two I am not sure of either. I am sure we will find out eventually but at least they are fun to look at.

Source - RevoGaming

Kid Icarus Picture?

According to Nintendo-Centrum he recieved a picture in his "e-box" of a possible Kid Icarus Revolution site.

Here it is:

Kid Icarus

Well, it is a cool picture, however, it could have been easily made by anyone with talent in that area. It seems odd to me that Nintend-Centrum has been recieving this info and not anyone else.

Source - Nintendo-Centrum

Interview with Psyco3ler

Check it out at Nintendo-Revolution

I'll read it then post my thoughts


I have finished reading the interview. It is obvious that Pysco3ler is an amazing artist and honorable sincere person. Everyone should be like this guy, he has the heart of a true Nintendo fan, and everyone should remember that. I would like to applaud Falafelkid of a job well done.

Duplicate Revolution Rumor Survey

I have made a new Revolution Rumor Survey so that 50 more people can answer. Please do not participate in this survey if you did in the first one. Also, do not do the survey more than once. Here it is:

Duplicate Revolution Rumor Survey

Revolution Rumor Survey

I have created a survey. Unfortunetly, there can be only 50 responses. I will look for a better survey site later.

Participate in the survey here:

Revolution Rumors Survey


The 50 answers are in, they are as follows:

1) Do you believe in Nin-Sider? http://nin-sider.blogspot.com
Yes = 15 30.00%

No = 22 44.00%

Undecided = 13 26.00%


2) Do you believe SeriousGamer007? http://forums.nintendo.com
Yes = 4 8.00%

No = 36 72.00%

Undecided = 10 20.00%


3) Do you believe Osoko Tanaka? http:onlynintendorevolution.blogspot.com
Yes = 8 16.00%

No = 30 60.00%

Undecided = 12 24.00%


4) Do you think this is the Revolution controller? http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a140/RevolutionRumors/Touch-ControllerZoomed.jpg

Yes = 8 16.00%

No = 35 70.00%

Undecided = 7 14.00%


5) Do you believe NintendON? http://www.nintendoon.com
Yes = 4 8.00%

No = 38 76.00%

Undecided = 8 16.00%


6) Would you like a touch-screen ofsorts on the Revolution Controller?
Yes = 18 36.00%

No = 32 64.00%

The other responses aren't that important. However, I noticed that someone wrote the same comment 6 times in a row. Please don't do the survey multiple times. I am creating another one, an exact duplicate, I would like people who haven't taken this survey to take the next one. Thankyou

Revolution Ad 5

A new Revolution Ad has surfaced from somewhere. I will try to find out where it came from.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Proof Perhaps?

Depending on who you believe, the following is true. This is depending ofcourse.

1. This is the original touch controller from guys in Russia

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2. Gameinformer in an issue earlier this year, they stated that there would be a touch-screen on the controller

3. Nin-Sider has posted today that there will not be a touch-screen but a screen that utilized haptic feedback technology

4. SeriousGamer007 and BaseballFox16 supposedly both think this is the controller, or a prototype

That would prove them true. However, in the beginning of SeriousGamers007's Reign, he posted that the controller will be split and dual-handed which is contradictary.

Believe what you will

SeriousGamer007 Reveals

Well, according to SeriousGamer007 the following post is the real controller:

Nintendo Forum Post

The Post was created by BASEBALLFOX16 because apparently SeriousGamer007 Asked him to. Now, this could be it, but then again it couldn't. Also, for everyones information, that controller is a modified image of the original controller picture to visualize what it would look like. That controller is not the original.

Believe what you will

Serious Gamer to reveal all?

Apparently, SeriousGamer007 will reveal an unfinished picture of the Revolution Controller at 12 PDT which is in 20 minutes. I guess we'll see if this comes true soon enough.

Here is his post:

I here your disappointments. I new this time would come when some would lose faith.

I will give you what you seek. I have sent some this information. They have been loyal not to post it.

At Noon Pacific Time I will post a preliminary leaked picture of the Nintendo Revolution Controller.

The Revolution Controller will be almost exactly like this picture externally with the Major changes being internal. Like it or not this is it.

SeriousGamer007 - Out


Source - Nintendo Forums

Even More Nin-Sider Answers

Here they are:

Shade, interesting stuff about the innovatek cooling system. I haven't heard much about it, but as far as I can tell, this could very well be in it. I think it's in. Don't mark these words though ;)
Husky217 said...
Finally, a sensible "insider"! i loved reading all your posts, and thought I would try to pry some good info out of you :-) Thanks!

Will the revolution use stereographic 3D graphics? It sounded like you hinted at this in one of your posts. If so, what hardware (special glasses for example) will be used?

Will the revolution use a visor? If so, will it detect motion? I'm sure the NintendoOn thing is fake, but I liked the idea of the visor. The standing and moving your feet to move around looked horrible on the other hand.

Will there be a new Kid Icarus game for the Revolution? If so, PLEASE give out ALL the info you can about it :-)

If Nintendo doesn't reveal the "revolution" until Sony and Microsoft finalize their consoles, would they still be able to steal the "revolution"? Or will it be too late by then? I'm not sure if their console would be able to receive any possible new types of input.

Can't/Won't tell you anything about the stereoscopic stuff ;) Won't be a visor though. Kid Icarus was already confirmed in one interview somewhere, so yes, that one is in the works. Hate to tell you, but don't know to much about it. Only heard it will be good ;)
When the Revolution is revealed, there won't be any chance of Sony or Microsoft to imitate the idea. Microsoft will be too late either way, while the X360 is released or will shortly be released at the unveiling. Sony hasn't got the patents/partners/technology to implement it in time. So unless some insider leaks all the info within two months, they won't steal it ;)

NOALink said...
Is there anything to gain by looking at patent filing, or are all of those reports red herrings?

Also, it would be interesting if the 512 MB flash memory was compatable with the DS (as a cart) and you could continue your games on that system...

I guess your not really an NOA guy ;) Well, there was that patent for some sort of gyration sensors in a 3d-world. However, this was pictured with a GBA and gamecube. But question yourself, is there a game which uses this? 3d movement through gyration control? Nope. Maybe the GBA/Cube set up is just used to show how it works. Think about it.

What would be interesting is if you could send your savegame of Super Mario Bros. 3 (SMB3), plus SMB3 itself (presuming you can save, unlike the original NES version) to your DS. You play a while and after that, you send your save state back to the revolution, where it will be saved. Would be cool and handy for households with one TV. Your parents want to see something? No problem, upload it to your DS and game on.

Anonymous said...
ok 1st off thx for answering all my questions, and 2nd do u have any idea when all this stuff about the revolution will officially be revealed?

Should be around Septembre. Somewhere near the end of the year anyway.
Anonymous said...

Hello I would just like to ask wether Nintendo have secured any exclusive third party games, or new second parties? Also can you comment on the statement made by Square Enix which said that the Revolution is completely new platform, not a handheld or a home console.

Where did they say that? The Revolution will be a home console. Otherwise Nintendo would have made a Revolution AND a home console. However, SE might be relating to the revolutionairy part. Which me seem 'completely new'. Third party support is going to be better than now on gamecube.


Believe what you will

Nin-Sider Updates Again

Here is what he had to say to some questions:

czajnik said...
Hi, could you please confirm or deny the usage of any kind of virtual reality helmet? I mean something close to what was in the ON video.

It's not going to be like in the Nintendo ON vid.
Anonymous said...
ok so the revoluton won't have HD and doesn't need it, so why will the revoultion be able to hook up to ur computer screen is there ne special reason to this at all?

You know, television screens don't differ too much with computer screens. Let's just say this technique can be showed on both...
Regnil of the sky said...
So... branching off on your answer to R-UNITs question about HD where you said that it wouldn't really be needed to display the Revolutions graphics and to "think outside the box", are you hinting that the revolution won't be displayed on a TV screen but may be, say, projected onto a wall or seen through some kind of virtual reality device as seen in the ON video? Thanks.

Nah, that's the complete other side. People tend to believe this ON video, but I can assure you it won't be like that. Who would want that anyway? Walking through your own house every time blasting metroids? No way!

Grum said...
Slightly offtopic here but who do you believe the "Deeper Throat" person to be?

Just a kid messing around.

Alexander said...
Do you know if there will be a headset or a keyboard for online playing? Or will there be a special way to type in letters quickly? You know, it takes a lot of time to write a letter in animal crossing, so i think chatting won't be possible.

A microphone will be available, one of the last decisions is if it will be in the controller or not. My guess is it will be in. For text chat you could use your DS. You could also 'aim' for letters with the controller (gyration), but I don't know if that will be in. Might be some issues with that one.

shade said...

about the cooling technology.. will it be from innovatek?
someone said he saw that information on the official E3 page that an innovatek representative spilled the beans about that.

Hmmm, sorry, I really don't know. Can you give me some more information about the technology used?
R-UNIT said...

Sorry, me again. Do you know if any type of screen will be on the controller? Also, have you heard about Nintendo changing it's stance on HD? IS there a chance for high-def gaming on Revolution, or is it already set in stone?

There will be some sort of 'screen' on the controller. It won't be a screen as on a DS... It will be interactive though, and with haptic feedback, for sure.
And about HD... Well, I don't care really. HD won't be needed for the Revolutions graphics, that's all I can say... 'think outside the box'.
MSG said...

Thx for your answer.

1. So you think the poster is real? But theres standing March 2006? On which wall would Nintendo hang a poster wheres standing "March 2006"? Dont sounds possible for me.
2. Will the "Revolution" in the Controller be something "easy"? So will it be similar to the old controller setting or somethint total new?

The first poster is real. I guess this one will be printed in magazines, around Xbox launch. Why should March 2006 be a problem? Gamers will know what it's about if they see the Revo contours and the word 'revolution' in blue...
The controller will be easy, of course. All access gaming is possible because of the easy way of controlling games. It will be new, but think about it as the analog stick, which was new and easy to use.
Anonymous said...

u said deeper throat was a fake

what do u think about seriousgamer007? is there ne truth behind ne of this claims?

I haven't been following his rumours. His name is enough to disbelieve him.
Mattias said...

In an estimate, can you give a figure of how much cheaper the Nintendo Revolution will be compared to the PS3 or the XBox360?

I don't know the prices of PS3 and Xbox360, but Revolution will be the cheapest of the three, in a price range from 200-250 dollars.
Anonymous said...

also what do u think about team beta?


and i think that someone at the nsider forums said that out of all the controler mock ups out there one of them was actually a leak of the real thing? can u approve this?

Revdeveloper is fake. People, please, read the stuff they are saying... Look at these lines:
-Nintendo's Next-Gen console WILL be the most powerful console of all time.
-Downloadable 1st party games are FREE.

There are more things that are fake, but these were made public by Nintendo. It won't be the most powerful console in terms of clockrates and such. The real controller is not 'leaked' yet, but some mock ups are pretty close
Regnil of the sky said...

Do you know alot about the new smash bros, and if you do could you elaborate on the new features and characters please? thanks.

It's made by 1 team (Not by a couple of teams, as Team beta wants you to believe). I don't know very much about it, but it is going to be awesome. It will make use of most new controller functions. It will be great. You'll have to wait a little longer for more info.
Regnil of the sky said...

also, what do you think of this n-game being played and, this n-game site in particular: http://inmhs.blogspot.com/

Hmm, the N-game. It's pretty interesting, but some people are seeing hints everywhere. 'O look a cat! It must be a hint to 'feeling' the game!'. Some of the N-game might be true though... ;)
MR.?? said...

Can you elaborate more on the Capabilities of the Revolution Network Connection? Obviously it is to be quite potent potent in its capabilities to deliver a satsfying expierience but can we expect something that will compete with this generations X-Box live service? Also will the Revolution and the DS connection (we all know there is gonna be one) be utilized more by third party developers? It seemed that the GBA-GC connection was overlooked by many.

The cube-GBA connection wasn't too good. You'd have to buy the cable connecting both, you mostly had to buy both the cube and GBA version of a game, and so forth. The DS connection will be much better, especially because you can download DS demo's via Nintendo's online service. The service will be awesome. It starts up with the latest news and demo's, you can see if friends are online... Stuff like that. I don't know if third parties will use the connectivity. I guess the first party games will feature it a lot more.
Anonymous said...

Hey Nin-sider I'm just wondering how does the Revolution compare to the PS3 I know you said its defenitely more powerful than 360 but what about the PS3?

It's not 'defenitely more powerful' than 360, but it can surely compete with it. PS3 will be stronger if you look at clockrates, but the Revolution does some things a little different.


Interesting quote

"There will be some sort of 'screen' on the controller. It won't be a screen as on a DS... It will be interactive though, and with haptic feedback, for sure."

Wow, this surprised me, alot.

He also said Revdeveloper is a fake, meaning, if you trust Nin-Sider more than Revdeveloper is a fake, however, it could be the other way around which is quite a paradigm.