Saturday, July 16, 2005

Marketing Campaign?

I was looking at Broken Saints (haven't done it in a while) and saw a post that intrigued me immensly.

For the sake of space I will not post it on this blog since it is extremely long, but I have created a forum topic on the nintendo forums that where you can read the whole thing.

Nintendo Forum Post

I'll finish reading a write a reply to what I think about it

Source - Broken Saints Blog


Upon reading this, it appears that it is a proposal to Nintendo and not an actual campaign. Although it could become one. Who created this is anyones guess, but it is a great idea and hats off to the person who invented it.

DefectDS Concept Gallery

DefectDS, a user on the Nintendo Forums, has a gallery up of all of his concept work for the Revolution, some very cool stuff indeed.

Click >>>>Here

By the way, I love his controller design