Wednesday, June 29, 2005

10th Revolution Ad

This was sent to Kydd by an anonymous source

Revolution Ad 10

Source - Kydd

Survey Reminder

Just reminding you that I have a survey in effect.


Anyone can take this survey that hasn't taken it already. You can take it even if you have taken the previous two. By the way, Nin-Sider is fake.

I am creating a new site

I am creating a new Revolution site. It would have previews, reviews ect. on it. If you would like to help me create the actual site and you are good with either HTML or programs like Flash and Photoshop than email me. Thank You.


I will needs a CMS, I would prefer not to use vortex portal, so if you have a CMS please contact me. Through E-Mail.

Revolution Trailer?

Check this out:

Revolution Trailer?

Believe what you will. I'll look more into it.

Source - Nintendo Forums


I have just recieved word that this is for the XBox 360. So is it fake? No. But is it for the Revolution? Maybe.

New Kid Icarus Ad?

A second Kid Icarus Ad popped up.

Image hosted by

Believe what you will but I have no clue what this Autumn 2003 means. This could have been an early ad for a Kid Icarus for the GCN that they decided to scratch until the Revolution.

Source 1 - Something is Going On

Source 2 - IGN Boards


Greg posted this:

This ad has been around for ages, it was fan made and first appeared in 2001 with a 2002 date on it. Just a fake, sorry.

2 New Revolution Logo's

2 Revolution Logo's have appeared.

2002 Trademarked Revolution Logo Image listed as: Appl. No.2002-037630 REV O LUTION. Nintendo Gamecube font:

Revolution Logo 1

And the 2004 Revolution Logo Trademarked Image, listed as: Appl. No.2004-051085 REVOLUTION.

Revolution Logo 2

I don't really know what the 2002 and 2004 things are. Let me say that I saw these little swirls/circles on the Nintendo forums made from a Fan a while back. So I would call these fake, but you never know, I might be getting my facts mixed up. It gets confusing some times.

Source - Something is Going On
Source 2 -

New Email from the Revolution Engineer

I have recieved a new email from the Revolution Engineer, A.K.A 19D.O.R.Evolution:

this is what i saw in japan:

the controller prototype i've used was a single piece
conventional-shaped one with a rather large plain
rectangular space in the middle of the butterfly design
portion. the rectangle was made of semi-transparent
plastic that at first look resembled polycarbonate but it
has a slightly gummy had conventional buttons
and stick and a microphone too.just a bad shaped
unfinished prototype assembled only to show us how it

during the bowling demo the hologram of a little bowling
ball appeared just a two or three centimeter below the
plastic surface and came up a half centimeter above, just
like it was emerging from the water.
then a japanese engineer told me to take aim using the
conventional controls or built-in gyroscopes (two in-line
- left and right side for dual feedback) and to blow on
the ball in order to make it fly into the tv screen. i did
it and the that ball had an acceleration mouvement toward
the big plasma screen, being holographically displayed
above the plain surface until it reached the front edge of
the same, then disappeared from the controller and almost
instantly re-appeared bigger on the tv screen and
the acceleration curve of the object was calculated on the
noise level recorded by the microphone a bit like it is on
the nintendo ds, but, i think, in a more sophisticated
obviously it was only a demo controller setup with several
features not yet implemented for example those regarding
tactile control and haptics.
the holographic projector features a very cheap high
resolution lcd holo-display developed in japan by nintendo
with the help of sharp using licensed nasa technology.
several arrays of smd high-bright white leds (gallium
nitride/indium-gallium nitride) under the above-mentioned
very thin display provide holographic projection of 3d
shapes in the air.

think about the ability to visualize items, characters,
and other objects or simply a control panel, and change,
swap,select and other actions by voice commands or by
touching them.

the other interface i saw (but not tested) featured a two
piece controller shaped like guns (only a gyroscope each
one) and i heard that holographic projection could be used
too with it but only via a separated projector box add-on
that was non shown that day.

by the way, i don't know which kind of controller has been
chosen or which features will be included and which not in
the final design, due to marketing reasons. maybe two
interface versions for different continental markets (i.e.
the cheaper one for countries such as india,china and
south-east asia) but this last one is only a personal

that's all i can say about.
working there is like watertight compartments.

p.s.:i am not any 19doh,d'oh or whatever else simpson boy
from other forums.

Let me say that this is the best description from anyone who has ever supposedly known anything about the Revolution. Believe what you will. But this guy has a good thing going even if he is fake, but still, he might be real.

Revolution Info Email


As for the controller I don’t think it has been finalized but I have
seen and programmed for the official concept controller and used it
twice. It is very similar to the “nesvolution” one pad for each hand
with weighted gyroscopes and haptic feedback. At first glance it
seems kind of weird to think about tactically using it to control
certain types of games but once you pick it up its actually very
simple and easy to use with any game. I know Nintendo is still
working on a way to connect the two controllers at the players will,
probably through a magnetic lock system. As for the Nintendo On
which it WILL NOT be called once it is confirmed will present a
panoramic view to represent a full field on vision as we all have in
real life and will be in HD believe it or not. It will probably be
confirmed when the spec for the Rev. are made public and will be
launched a quarter year after Rev. launches. My only gripe is that
the On system at launch will retail for the same amount as the actual
Rev. system itself. It will not be a gaming machine unto itself but
merely an add-on to the Rev. to allow completely immersive
Stereoscopic 3-D will also be a prevalent part of the interface but
coupled with the visor and controllers will allow something NEVER
seen before in gaming. The stereoscoping is still being tweaked to
turn whatever room your in into a the game environment effectively
rendering your room part of the game. Coupled with the visor this
could turn you entire home into a nightmarish landscape. The
projector alone with only be able to project a limited no. of NPC’s
into your environment at any given time depending on the size of the
NPC‘s. Take RE4 for example the projector could probably project
about 12 ganados at any given time into your environment but only one
El Gigante or boss at a time. When the visor is on though it will
allow the entire game to be presented in full virtual reality with no
sacrifices whatsoever, and with the environment capturing radar it
could effectively turn your own home into the game environment.
Imagine Resident Evil zombies busting through your doors and coming
after you with their blood and body parts being rendered onto your
environment in real-time as you fight them. That is an actual
possibility of the On visor.
The controller will be capable of everything past controllers were
but much more and the customization that you will have at your hands
is unprecedented. It will feature haptic feedback illustrating
through vibration whatever your on-screen character is doing or
feeling this represents mood, heartbeat, nervousness, adrenaline
rushes, tension, being shot or hit with something, jumping from a
high place, etc… This haptic force feedback will be mapped into
buttons and controller itself. Another controller feature is its
ability to heat up and cool down illustrating how the environment
temperature feels or it you are having to hold on to something that
is hot or cold. Coupled with this is the controller will have
built-in mic to talk to things or blow on things in the game to move
them or cool them down. The mic will also have voice distortion
features to work with the dev. Tool or chat online. The other big
feature of the controller is its ability to feel depth and reach out
and grab the world so to speak. For example instead of just pressing
a button to open a door you would point one of the control pad towards
the door twist the knob and pull the door open, or just kick it open
with another movement. This depth mapping allows all sorts of
actions to be preformed much more realistically and true to life for
example: swinging a sword, reloading or firing a weapon, picking
something up and turning it over, do melee combat with your own two
An example I saw in action was a character was hanging from a ledge
MGS style and you would literally have to squeeze the handles to keep
from falling and you could also feel the haptic vibration from his
heart and the coolness of the ledge. This was a tech demo showing
all of the features working together. Of course all this will be
left up to the developer but they promise to be extraordinary
features. The projector will also have two options: Stereoscopic 3-D
or flat panel projection. This allows Rev. to be a portable system as
it can project the game on any wall or flat surface. The stand for
Rev. will be a recharger of sorts and will have the angle required to
be project Stereoscopic 3-D properly. The only reason for the
rechargeable battey is for the projection otherwise when you run out
of battery life you can just hook it up to a TV or computer monitor.
Alright I have to get back to work but I will keep you up to date as I
can please ask any questions you might have.

Could be real, or not. I'll write about this more later. I have to go but will be back in 4 1/2 hours at which point I will get to the bottom of this.

Source - Nintendo Forums

Source 2 - Mozlapunk.web

Exclusive SeriousGamer007 Interview

I was able to inteview SeriousGamer007:

Phalanx says:
Serious says:
Phalanx says:
Nice to talk to you
Serious says:
Serious says:
You have 10 minutes
Phalanx says:
I would like to ask you a couple questions?
Phalanx says:
very well
Phalanx says:
What information do you believe to be true?
Serious says:
Serious says:
As in the picture are prototypes
Phalanx says:
When you say Visor, what do you mean?
Phalanx says:
Serious says:
Everyone thinks the visor will be virtual reality
Phalanx says:
Where have you recieved your information from?
Serious says:
think more like an increase in immersion
Serious says:
I am on the inside
Serious says:
will not say anymore
Phalanx says:
Serious says:
in regards to that question
Phalanx says:
Is NintendON a conspiracy created by Nintendo?
Serious says:
Phalanx says:
but with an interview with Pablo BelMonte on Nintendo-Revolution there was proof that it was a fan made video
Serious says:
Phalanx says:
and that Pablo created it and not anyone else
Serious says:
In a week?
Serious says:
This was purely a marketing strategy.
Phalanx says:
I believe he stated that he created the video and then his hard drive was destroyed and then he recreated in a short amount of time because he had already created it once before
Serious says:
I am going to have to take a quick break
Serious says:
be back on in a few minutes.
Phalanx says:
Serious says:
I do apologize for this inconvenience I am very busy. I will be on in a few minutes
Serious says:
I am back
Phalanx says:
Serious says:
Advertising is fun
Serious says:
go ahead
Phalanx says:
Can you tell me more about the visors?
Serious says:
What would you like to know
Phalanx says:
Will it be like the NintendON helmet?
Serious says:
Phalanx says:
What will it be like?
Serious says:
More like an Emagin concept
Serious says:
It is designed more for immersion
Serious says:
it will immerse you in a game. It wil also have gyroscopes in it to aid in leaning left to right.
Serious says:
This is one of the most difficult things to master. What is to much and what is to little.
Phalanx says:
Earlier on, on the Nintendo Forums, you stated that the controller will be dual-handed and then you contradicted yourself saying that the touch-controller is the real thing. How do you explain this?
Serious says:
The two handed controller is one thing that was being looked at however ultimately has been decided that it wasnt quite feasible
Serious says:
The single controller is much more familiar to the everyday gamer the gyroscopes add a new sense of innovation to this technology that is unique and fun
Phalanx says:
Will the revolution feature 3d images?
Serious says:
3D how
Serious says:
like steroscopic 3d?
Phalanx says:
Serious says:
It has been discussed
Phalanx says:
one moment
Phalanx says:
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Phalanx says:
anything you want to reveal?
Serious says:
Serious says:
Have you noticed Aug 2005 ads as well as Mar 2006 ads
Phalanx says:
Serious says:
Truth lies in both.
Serious says:
Know this
Phalanx says:
Let me guess
Serious says:
The Revolution will be the most innovative powerful game console system in the hystory of gaming
Phalanx says:
August is when it will be revealed
Phalanx says:
March is when it will launch
Phalanx says:
What do you have to say about this thread you created? It more of a speculation thread than a thread that reveals inside info
Phalanx says:
Serious says:
There is a fine line between a person that gives speculation and one who is in marketing to create hype
Phalanx says:
I see
Phalanx says:
are you part of what people call the "N-Game"?
Serious says:
I am part of the Revolution Game
Serious says:
I am designed to do one thing
Phalanx says:
Serious says:
Phalanx says:
Can you reveal anyone else that is part of the N-Game?
Serious says:
Know this Nintendo will take back its marketshare
Serious says:
Phalanx says:
What other N-Siders do you believe to be real?
Phalanx says:
Revdeveloper for instance?
Phalanx says:
Osoko Tanaka?
Serious says:
When the Revolution is released Sony, and Microsoft will not be able to match Revolution in terms of Power and innovation in time for their scheduled launch
Serious says:
Serious says:
You can judge who is real or not
Serious says:
I ask that you and all the Nintendo Fans do one thing
Phalanx says:
What is that?
Serious says:
Believe in Nintendo again. Believe that Nintendo has heard you after all these years. Believe in the Revolution. Nintendo will again rise to the top and dominate. Sony be warned. Your days are over. The industry belongs to Nintendo.

After that last post, he logged off without saying another thing. Believe what you will.

New Info from Source

I was emailed the following letter:

hi phalanx,
first of all nice blog.

second and most important you must spread this:

though i don't work for n. i've been indirectly involved
in the

a few time ago i've had the pleasure to have some
information about the interface.

the first prototype i've seen was not finished and had
something related to this:
3d Projection?


the second -a cheaper option- was very similar to this old
speculation made by a very smart guy:
Revolution Sketch

parts of the interface have been co-developed with another
big name of the japanese gaming industry (obviously not

at the moment i don't know how the definitive controller
will be and which features will be used.
i can't say more.sorry.

and now "use your left brain".goodbye.

p.s.:i've already posted this information in an european
revolution thread a few minutes ago.i'm european but i
work also in japan.

I was already e-mailed once by someone on the forums saying they knew stuff and this is probably no different, but I'm posting it anyway because

On the 3d projection site it says

$300,000 of support from Japanese company to develop for game applications

Interesting. But, believe what you will.

Oh yeah, it was from this email address

he called himself the Revolution Engineer. Also, the 19do probably means he is 19doh from the Nintendo Forums.

Also, the Powerpoint presentation was update today which probably means it is fake.

French Revolution Rumor Site

I have closed it down. Not only was it really hard to keep udated, but the translator didn't work so well.

Survey Update

Apparently, the 3rd survey I created yesterday had not been activated yet. You can use it now.


Nin-Sider Fake

Nin-Sider has come forward saying that he really isn't an Nin-Sider after all. But he made some good points by saying how easy it is to fool everything and you could probably figure out what the Revolution is by thinking logically. Go see what he had to say:

Nin-Sider's Site

Also, he said he might continue to post stuff, but this time I believe, as someone who is trying to logically figure out what the Revolution actually is.

Once again, I cannot stress enough, believe what you will.

New Survey

I am trying to get this Survey thing under control. I have created a third survey that offers 100 responses. Anyone can respond, even if you have done the previous ones. But please, do not do the survey more than once.

Revolution Rumor Survey