Monday, June 27, 2005


Originating from the author of INMHS. A new ad has appeared on the internet.

Revolution Ad 4

The ad poped up on Nordichardware Forums.

The following was posted by the user SaNdS:

if you want to know my source i cannot tell you it directly so instead ill give you a clue

if you search high and in the light you will find it.


imnhs from here his blog w w w . i n m h s . b l o g s p o t . c o m
sent me pictures andt told me to post them in certain forums/places. Here is a message from one of his emails to me.

N- There are errors but they are deliberate errors. They look fake but are not. If you look close enough there are many clues here and everywhere. They all lead back to ONe thing. There is no E3 style revealing of the revolution because it does not need to. There will be many fakes ON the day.

PS Dont row up the nile without a ore -V

i suppose if youve read that you know nearly as much as me so pm me what you think please


Well, I guess, just like the last ones, believe what you will. I am unable to figure out what

"Dont row up the nile without a ore -V" But I'll see what other people have to say and post it here.


A user under commented this under this thread

The Nile unlike other rivers flows from South to North. When you row up a river you traditionally go North however. Just thought I'd throw that in.


Intersting, very intersting. I still don't know what it means though.

French Revolution Site Reminder

I am reminding you that I have created a French Revolution Rumor Site

French Revolution Rumor Site Post

French Revolution Rumor Site

Nin-Sider Update

Nin-Sider has updated his answer questions post:

R-UNIT said...
You say that gyration is in the controllers. Is this the main revolutionary aspect, or is it a combination of different features, or is it something completely different?

Also, I've heard that the interface is going to something very special. Can you give any sort of detail on it? It has me rather intrigued.

The Revolutionary part is not the gyration. Can't tell you what it is though. You'll have to wait for Iwata and Reggie to do the big stuff. The controller interface is going to be special, of course it's going to be, all the fuzz is about the controller.
Regnil of the sky said...
Do you have any idea how much the console or the games will cost

The console will cost around 200-250 dollars, the games will be around the same price as they are now, however, there might be some exceptions for multiplatformgames like EA's games. First party games won't be any more expensive.

RolloRolf said... When will the Revolution be revealed?

I do not have that information, sorry.


Believe what you will

Source -

New Info from Inside Source


Ok, according to FireEmblem87 from the Nintendo Forums, this was all made up by him, sorry for bothering you all with fake info. The below info isn't real.

I have an inside source who has sent me the following information, not word for word mind you.

- Spaceworld will be help on August 25th

- At Spaceworld, Nintendo will reveal the controller, release date, pricing, and complete launch lineup for the Revolution

- There are currently over 25 developers hard at work on developing amazing new games for the Revolution

- One of the titles is as follows

The working title hasn't been decided on yet, but the gameplay is amazing. It starts out as a typical adventure title, but a short while into the game, an as of yet undisclosed
item (which will most likely determine the game's title) will allow you to
travel back and forth through time, not by predetermined years, but by the
minutes, hours, seconds, days, months, and years that you choose.

Certain puzzles may be solved only by traveling back to a certain date and
time that a certain event occcured. For example, if a tree is blocking your
path, you will have to do research, and discover when and how the tree
collapsed, and return to the time before it happened, prevent it from
happening, and then return to your present time to pass that certain point


Nin-Sider Update

It is looking like Nin-Sider is back for a little while. He updated his site with the following:

I'll update this post with answers, which answer questions (...), which you can post beneath.

MSG said...
Hi. So you say you are not Fake but most of the others are? So you cant say where you work or what you are doing. Why should we believe you? And what do you think about Osoko Tanaka? I mean: He is a Fake for sure. And you almost say the same things as aries. Why should you know so much things about the revolution games and all that, like the new Zelda for it?

Of course I can't say where I work. Ever heard of NDA's?
Wether Osoko is legit or not is not the point. The question is if what he says is true. And in some things he's pretty close. The problem is Osoko doesn't really lets loose any information. He just talks and talks... Without any content. So he's most probably fake indeed, or posting some crappy information on purpose. You make the choice here.
Then the question 'Why should we believe you?'. I don't know, honestly. If you don't want to believe me, please don't. And for the last answer; can't tell you, 'for obvious reasons'...


Well, here we go yet again. Lets hope he gives us something concrete.

New Nin-Sider Post

Nin-Sider has post again, here is what he said.

It's been a long time since I posted something around here. I have my reasons for the wait, anyway. So, these long logs with minimal Revolution information... Did you care? I guess not.
Any new info wasn't really in there, wasn't it? There were some 'mistakes' in the text, Crystal Chronicles not being a Final Fantasy game for example.

Anyway, some facts, I'll clear some things up for you:
-The poster? It's not a fake, as far as I can tell. Can't tell you wether it's my department or not.
-The follow-up posters? Some of them might be real ;).
-Controller will obviously feature gyration sensors.
-Release will be around Q1 2006.
-A couple of third parties have seen the controller and are enthusiastic about the 'thing'.
-Online will be cool, especially the communication with DS. Xbox Live!... No, not really. Won't be Xbox 360's big thing anymore.
-What about strength? Well, believe it or not; it can compete with the new Xbox, easily. 'Size does not matter'.
-By the way, the 'deeper_throat' guy? He's a fake. Come on people...

I'll maybe see you around soon again. Ask questions if you like.


Well, as far as I can tell, everything he has said since his last post could have easily been said for fact. No new information was given out. Believe what you will.

Source -

French Revolution Rumor Site

I have created a French Revolution Rumor Site for all of the people who speak and read French instead of English. French Translation Below

J'ai créé un emplacement de rumeur de révolution française pour tout le peuple qui parlent et lisent français au lieu de l'anglais. Traduction Française Ci-dessous

Allez à French Revolution Rumor Site vérifier l'emplacement de rumeur de révolution française