Sunday, June 26, 2005

New Message from New N-Sider

We have a nice conspiracy on our hands. Similar to Deeper_Throat, this guy sent the following message to FIREEMBLEM87 on the Nintendo Forums.

Subject: A Revolution is coming...

Body: You hear this from many people, but it is up to you to determine the truth. Whether or not I am in the know matters not, as you will all know before the end of the year. You have seen many "leaked" Nintendo Revolution controller prototypes have found their way onto various online blogs and forums.

I can tell you this: One of them is real. One of these supposed "leaks" is the actual controller, but it is up to you to discover which one.

I will give a few clues in hopes that someone out there, should you show this letter to anyone else, should be able to figure this out.

It has been posted on the following internet sites:

One of those posted there will lead you to the truth, and it is entirely up to you to decide what to do with the information you have been given.

Time will tell...


Well, ummm... intersting. I believe I have posted nearly every "leaked" Revolution controller on my site. I believe the dual-controller however is the one he is talking about. I'll look more into it ofcourse.

Source - Nintendo Forums Thread

Japanese Controller Scan?

Well, something new that happened 6 days ago. This was posted on the following forum

Japanese Scan Forum Thread

Here is the scan:

Japanese Controller Scan

I seriously don't know what to think. I'll try to figure out what the words say on the scan.

Source - Nintendo-Revolution Comments


Danthepirate has posted the following under the comments under this post

a pic of the same controller was shown a couple days ago, and proven to be fake. the author left it in the photoshop, .png, file format...this is the same controller, so im guessing its fake.

Now we know it is fake.

Revolution Ad 3

Well, another one has surfaced. This looks a little different. The same as the first one mostly except March is replaced with August. Why? Well, maybe the Revolution will be revealed in August for a March Launch. I believe this to be true actually. I am almost 100% positive that the Revolution will be revealed in all of its glory by the end of August. But I guess we'll see.

Revolution Ad 3

The following was a wierd concept design scan of the ad

Wierd Revolution Scan

Source - Nintendo-Revolution

New Deeper_Throat Message

Here it is:

something will happen in 3 days....
be prepared........keep on the watch............ will know more then..........

end transMISSION


Well, 3 days, It might prove him real or fake, we'll find out then.

Source -

Old N-Sider Blog

Well, I found another one. This was from 1 month ago which makes it strange I didn't find it earlier. Anyway, go here to check it out. He only has 1 post maybe he'll start posting again but I doubt it.

Revolution System

New Revolution Ad Leaked

A new Revolution Ad has been possibly leaked.

Image hosted by

This one is less revealing than the first one but still holds the same effect of glass. Now, just for fun, I am going to make an opposite argument of
Falafelkid's, which was reasonably making sense of these.

Just for fun remember, I am making an argumentive statement.

1. Because the glass looks real enough, it probably is, however, it would be simple enough to find a reflective glass piece and simply place over the ad layer.

2. Nothing has really been shown that would prove this ad real, like a picture of a controller for example, or a new logo.

I have no more arguments, but I'm sure the next ad, and there will be another, will feature another reflective window.

I do not know where this originally came from, but I'll find out.

Source - Nintendo-Revolution


Apparently, the ad came from here, under "An Open Letter to Gamesradar" post made by Falafelkid. Whether this is where it came from originally I don't know, but I'll look around.