Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gamelord12 gone

After Gamelord12 stated that people were dumb for flaming him and suposedly will reveal everything the day of the Xbox 360 launch date leads us to believe the following.


1. He is completly lying and used the excuse as an alibi


2. He is telling the truth and is extremely immature for not telling the people who believe him in order to keep the people who flamed him from knowing

I just thought I would say a couple words. I was on the verge of believing him, but now since he didn't deliver he and has nothing to show which makes him most likely a person wanting to get attention.

Nintendo Forum Post

The following was posted bya user named Maineiac on the Nintendo Forums.

Ok so im A cappy whatever that is. i tried getting on this site earlier but didnt know of all the requirements, but anyways i have some info on this controller and other details of rev. I CANNOT say who it has come from so dont ask there are many reasons why i cannot reveal the source. So i heard from someone close to me who heard and knows someone inside nintendo that the controller will have voice recognition in it? Why? well lets say you want to play mario 64 just simply say the name and it will come up, how bout playing donkey kong just say the name. I guess this is easier than going thru all the games in the menu especially if you know the name of the game. But there is more to the controller than that, Again this is what ive been told.Also this person close to me said there is a reason why the revoulution will be small? remember iwata said it will be smaller i guess there is a reason? Nintendos ad campaign will have the phrase " big things come in small packages". This person also said nintendo is crazy the price will be very reasonable and what comes packaged with revolution will make it one of hottest items to have expect it to sell fast.


If you noticed, you would have seen that the revdeveloper blog posted that SSB: Fire will be packaged with the revolution, now, noticed what this guy said and compare. Works out? Perhaps, we will have to see in the future.

Source -

Revdeveloper is back

Check it out folks, the good news has returned

It explains it all there

This is their second post

Ok folks, here is some information you may or may not have already known:-Revolution is just a codename, and will not be called Nintendo Revolution at release.-The still secret controllers are wireless.-Nintendo's Next-Gen console WILL be the most powerful console of all time.-Revolution(as we will call it for now), will ship after the Xbox 360, and the PS3.-A release date has not been confirmed, but will most likely be sometime in November 2006.-WiFi will be enabled and ready out of the box.-You WILL need a wireless adapter or located by a hot spot to use the online service.-The online service IS free.-Downloadable 1st party games are FREE.-The controllers will have an optional gyroscopic feature to them.-The console will ship in the price range of $150-200 USD.-There will be 50 games available at the launch of the Revolution.-Super Smash Bros: Fire will ship with the Revolution as a BONUS.More information will come as we are given permission to release it.

Also, Dan, the person who took Team Beta's site, has given it back. Read about that at

Nin-Sider post again

Check it out here

Good news as far as I can tell.

Sad News

Well, read the following

Due to the immaturity level of people who automatically don’t trust others (not necessarily here, but mainly GameFAQs), I’m not going to post any of the info I have yet to receive. A lot of you will only flame me anyway. However, I have the strong feeling that my source has actual info. After posting on GameFAQs, someone responded who said they already had info and wanted to compare. I had asked a few questions to my source already. Out of those two things I had learned, the person who IMed me said that they are both true. Also, according to my source, you should be getting the same info I will, publicly, before the Xbox 360’s launch.

This was posted by Gamelord12.

I have nothing to say.

Another Nintendo Insider?

At the following was posted

Another Insider... ?

No, not another insider. There are A LOT of fakers around on the Internet, especially when this whole N-Game thing started. Some of them got some things right, like this Aries, but most of them are still fake. Blogs start popping up al over the Internet; all claiming to be 'insiders' and working for Nintendo. However, why would one say _WHERE_ he works and create the risk of being fired? One would not.For obvious reasons, I can't say who I am, where I work and how I get my information. I can't even prove who I am, but that's not my problem; you are the one who can get some information on the Revolution, which is its codename; a final name has not been decided upon..yet.Of course I don't want you to know _ALL_ about Revolution. Some things are very special, I can't risk these things to be stolen by our competitors and it would also ruin the surprise when the machine gets revealed later this year. I will spill some of the beans though; maybe even more than you’d think at this point in time.
I’m very well aware of the fact that this all sounds very common and that every other insider out there (fake or not) utilizes these very same arguments before spilling everything they know, but there is simply no other way of leaking any info without getting sued for breaking NDA’s.Don't believe me? No problem, ciao. Still hanging on? Fine, see you tomorrow.


Another day, another N-sider.


The people who gave us the SSB: Fire info called "Team Beta" have now posted this

Well... We guess Nintendo got a bit mad about the amount of information we gave out. According to them, the information put them in danger against other developers and franchises. We almost lost our jobs, but in the long run, Nintendo thought it was too much of a loss to drop a team this far in development. So, for all you lucky ones who saw the information, congratulations, and for the new-comers, we truely are sorry. We tried.WE CAN RELEASE!:The controllers ARE gyroscopic.The controllers ARE NOT touch screens.The controllers DO NOT include screens.The controllers WILL BE USED in storing small bits of memory(ie. profiles).

Believe it if you want. Nothing is true until has posted it.

Super Smash Bros: Fire Deleted

It appears as if our newly found "Team Beta" have deleted their info on SSB: Fire from a request from Nintendo.

I don't know what to make of this.

Super Smash Bros : Fire which was supposedly down is now back up. And look what it says.

Hello. We are a develpment team for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. We have worked on the past two SSB and we ARE working on the third, codename: Fire, with various other development teams. We call ourselves Team Beta. We consist of 20 members. We will try to keep you updated about Super Smash Bros: Fire, as we update it, and hope to provide you with as much information as possible, without giving to much away, as we can. And now that you know a little about us, let US tell YOU, about our current project.We can tell you that Super Smash Bros 3, codename: Fire:DOES - have 20 default fighters.have over 25 unlockable charactershave online capabilitieshave over 5 single player modesONLY use the new REVOLUTION controller.This is about as much as we are allowed to release about the game for now. Please check back for updates.P.S. - A release date has not been confirmed, but will ship ALONG SIDE the Nintendo Revolution!

This is good news people. 45 characters. Start speculating.

Gamelord12 Moved?

It appears as if the man who claimed he would post new info on the revolution has moved to Gamefaqs message board from Brokensaints.

The message board is here

He said that there has been a delay and if he doesn't get it today then it will be tomorrow.

Make sure you scroll down to see the post.

Go to page 27 to see his latest post.