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Anonymous Sam to post controller?

Anonymous Sam, a person who was supposed to post controller pics of the revolution on the gamespot forums didn't because he/she was banned. Anyway, know he/she has contacted Moz La Punk. He/She has written a great deal about it. Here is a complete list of all of the post he/she has made on the Moz La Punk comment section.

anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 05:09

I am the one who will be leaking Revolution info w/ the pics. I will have to leak them from a Wi-Fi hotspot though, I am recently having to move from computer to computer to talk to people. Someone seems to be trying to view my personal info from my home cpu. Can't have that happen. Anyway, I will send it to moz sometime next week. I really can't specify a day or I will be swamped by spyware and hackers and such. But I promise I WILL NOT dissapoint. Take care.


anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 06:27
Well, lets see... The only way to prove it is to leak the pis and who know if it can hurt Nintendo. I doubt it because you cannot copy an entire engineering and technical layout simply from a picture of a prototype. They would have to know how everything works inside to copy it completely. I mean, they could always copy the outside shell but that would be pointless. Plus Microsoft doesn't have the time to copy it now. My job will be fine though, I am at another cpu now. I basically am going to different electronic retailers and asking if I can try out their computers and doing this from there. After its leaked of course Nintendo will throw a fit but there are A LOT of people in the industry to look into, they have about a 1 billion in 1 chance of catching me if I play my cards right. For all they will know I could be in any country, at any cpu, and any of the hundreds of people that have access to the controller or have even seen Nintendo's NDA explanation of it. I hope that answered a few of your questions, off to a new computer now. Take care,
anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 06:58
Okay, went down the strip to Circut City and the manager finally left so I can do this. I don't know whether I should leak the pics from a retailer or hotspot. I'm kind of sketchy about the retailer since they have so many cameras around. But the pics aren't some ya know 3.6 gigapixel quality shots I just took them w/ a regular old digital camera (I hate photoshop). We're actually not supposed to have cameras in the workstations but I have my ways so to speak. Everything I mentioned from the controller standpoint those pictures back up. Haptic force feedback, ability to feel digital depth, heat/cool sensors, gyroscopic and built-in mic. Everything about the Revolution hardware itself I have no way of proving until it is confirmed. So take it however you'd like. Take care.
anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 07:30
Okay, this will be my last post for tonight cause after this I’m going home. Nintendo fans have never been left wanting in the graphics department and next-gen will be no exception. As I said before because of the depth-composited-Cube-mapping dedicated to the hardware it WILL have the best graphics next-generation. The quad-core processor isn’t like other multi-core designs the cores have the ability to completely work together ( basically together forming one giant core) eliminating the need to program code for multiple cores. The processor and graphics chipset will be married together as one unit also, this has never been done before. It will also have the ability to map millions of textures on one polygon with little cpu power. Please read my e-mails to steven miller to get a more in-depth explanation. I will send Moz a more detailed desciption of the hardware soon also so he can post it here. Anyway, I’m tired and am heading home. I’ll be back tomorrow. Take care.
anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 21:29
I am back at another retailer please ask me any questions you might have. I'll be happy to answer them if I am in the know in that area. By the way I was fired from Nintendo of America some time ago, thats sort of the reason I'm doing all this. I think Nintendo makes great games and all but I do not respect how they treat their employees. Ask me any questions you might have. Take care,

anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 21:49
Well, as to Aries he obviously wan't real because he said on May 19 there would be a "showstopper"at E3 and nothing happened. And after E3 everything stopped. So I'd say its crap. I dobt this would hurt Nintendo though, as I said before you can't copy the controllers engineering from a pic of a prototype. Which would take a LONG time to do and also a lot of money. I never saw any hologram come out of the controller, maybe they just didn't show that to our studio yet. I really have seen that as of yet. Take care.

anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 22:18
A lot of people were layed off by NOA. So they will have A LOT of people w/ motive I might add to look into if they will actually try and prosecute. Which I don’t think will happen, they will either probably deny its confirmation or give a cease and desist to any and all sites that host the pics. But aside from that theres really not a lot they can really do once its leaked. I mean going after an unknown for a leak it like finding a needle in haystack, it takes a lot of time and a lot of money. Which in turn will be diverted from focused marketing, preperation of the Revolution’s launch, and all kinds of things that take up much of Nintendo’s time. So they will really have to make a decision, whether they want to put all resources into uncovering the leak or just sucking it up and roll with it. Just releasing and slightly tweaked version of what I’ll leak and just play it off is what they’ll probably do. Now like I said before all components inside the hardware are in my opinion just a giant-sized form of nanotechnology as they have almost every component inside the machine married together, to achieve great power with little power consumption and little to no heat dissapation. Now as I said before the quad cores DO have the ability to multi-task but the also have the ability to completely work together or use combination without taking huge amounts of time to write code for all of them. Anyway, I’ll send more info to Moz so he can post it here and you all take care.

anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 22:44

I cannot for my own protection and reasons I can’t reveal right now leak the pics until this coming week. So everything I say until then you’ll just have to take at face value. Yes, I am the one who sent those e-mail to “Dragon_Warrior”. Everything said there is true based on what I have seen and my time with the hardware. Other than me leaking the pics though there’s really no way to “prove” anything up until that point. After I leak them you of course won’t see anymore of me though. My thoughts on HD are that since Nintendo will be releasing there Project Reality add-on (visor component similar to the Nintendo ON) it will be presented in HD anyway and will support all of Nintendo’s games. So I don’t really see a reason for HD if they’re going to offer that. I believe that Nintendo will release and confirm certain aspects of the Rev. this Sep. and at Spaceworld. I don’t see a launch until October 2006 though. That’s all I know though. Take care.


anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 23:11

I will be sending Moz the complete list of upcoming Rev. games to my knowledge. No, I am not the one who made the Revolution ads, I have never seen them except on the internet. Please wait for the games list. These aren't nessasarily all the games that will be avaliable but only the one I have seen or heard from coworkers and friends in the biz that will be coming to the Rev. Take care.


anonymous sam :: 03 juli 2005 23:54

Retro Studios is working on a game code-named Xenias which is supposed to be a “halo-killer”. It is supposedly to be about a living battle suit. I have seen a demo of it and it looks to be an awesome game. I also know for a fact that the new Zelda for the Revolution is being created by Shigeru Miyomoto and will be a chronicological sequel to Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask. But from what I’ve played from the exclusive insider demo of Twilight Princess( the version the public hasn’t seen). It looks to take the crown of game of the year. From what I have seen it takes things like context-sensitive cut-scenes and action-sequences that made RE4 and God of War so good and expands on them in-game and in cutscene. Also Link will be WAY more brutal in this game. Not a lot of people know this but a lot of the combat and gameplay engine has been completely revamped for this entry. The version I play in one sequence Link was hoping from his horse to other riders’ bores and such and if you fire an arrow into the boar and you can lock-onto your horse Link will leap off the boar and back onto his horse before the boar crashes to the ground and the action continues. Another sequence I played was Link can ride up along side another enemy stab his sword through the enemy and throw that enemy into another one riding somewhere else on the field. The lock-on mechanic is now capable of locking-on to multiple enemies at once and then the combat engine switches to a free-form combat style similar to “Price of Persia: warrior within” if you’ve locked on to 4 enemies or more. I will send Moz the list of games tonight so he can post them on his website. Take care all.

anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 00:18
Hello Moz,

I am the real guy (Ace916) to prove it (I asked you about the Netherlands in my last e-mail to you). I just am sketchy about signing on to that e-mail until (9:00) because I really need to have my server and anonynimity sealed and all this stuff I'm uploading onto it tells me it won't be done till 9:00. Anyway, you will get the e-mail then I just have to be careful. Take care.

anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 00:52

Alright Then!! Here it is.
This is an old e-mail I sent to certain people please refresh. It covers a lot of things people have questions about concerning the hardware and games.


As to the projector if its on Stereoscopic 3-D and say someone walks into the door of the room your in nothing will happen except the picture might warp a little in that area or fade into a hallway but as soon as the door closes again it should correct itself. But if your on the road or in a car or something I don’t think you will be able to use the stereoscopic 3-D projection because the stand is what gives it the desired angle and I would imagine that it would make the picture or holograms skip or have weird picture flashes as the car moves up and down. You will need a steady non-moving surface for the projector to use stereoscoping properly. As to Bungie I really don’t know whether they are going to sign a contract with Nintendo or not but there was some loose talk from their rep. that it might be a possibility. By the way Microsoft DOES NOT flat out own Bungie, they made Bungie sign a contract to give half creative rights and royalties to Microsoft for a “number of years”, but after those years are over they can opt to make another contract with them or go somewhere else. Now I truly doubt that Halo 3 will be coming to the Rev. since Microsoft would throw a HUGE hissy fit about it but maybe Halo 4 or an original game I hope. Their rep. said that since Microsoft is forcing the development on Halo 3 to match PS3’s launch. They will probably end up releasing a Halo2.5 instead of an actual sequel and that Rev. might see the fully realized Halo 3 a year or so later. But of course nothing is set in stone and it could all change so don’t get your hopes up too high this was just my team talking to a representative from Bungie.

To my knowledge the confirmed and unconfirmed list of games are:

-Super Smash Bros. = Rev.
-Mario Kart Revolution = Rev.
-Super Mario 128 = Rev.
- Metroid Prime: Reborn = Rev.
-The Legend of Zelda DS = DS
-The Legend of Kid Icarus = Rev.
-Xenias = Rev.
-Killing Day = Rev.
-Psychopath = Rev.
-Animal Crossing = Rev.
-The Legend of Zelda = Rev.
-Star Wars Rogue Squadron 4 (no title as of yet Q4 2006) = Rev.
-Madden 2007 = Rev., DS
-Eternal Darkness: Insanity Fulfilled = Rev.
-Resident Evil 5 (Q3 2008) = Rev.
-Advance Wars: Annihilation = Rev, DS
-Burnout 4 = Rev.
-Flat Out 2 = Rev.
-F.E.A.R.: Everything Objective Foretold = Rev.
-Stalker: Shadow of the Chernobyl = Rev.
-Guts N’ Glory = Rev.
-Umehas Ookieyara = Rev.
-Ichi the Killer (slated for Japan possible U.S. release) = Rev.
-Donkey Kong = Rev.

These are the games that I know for sure are going to be released at some point on Rev. although it does not mean all of them will be exclusive to the Rev. although many of them will. Many people have thought I lied about this or that but I assure you wait until everything about Rev. and its games are made public and see if I’m not right. The Rogue Squadron game I’m working with now we is focusing on giving the flying combat more hi-res action and depth with great replay value, but also trying to flesh out the on-foot missions that the last game failed on. As for Retro Studios they have two teams which are working on two games right now Metroid Prime: Reborn, and Xenias. I was hoping that Xenias was going to be kept a secret but unfortunately Nintendo let that out of the bag. Needless to say it will no doubt put Rev. in the top spot next-gen. I’m not going to say anything else about it though because I believe some things just shouldn’t be spoiled. Anyway I will keep in touch if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


P.S. To those who wanted me to sketch out the controller I would love to but I’m just not a good artist and I wouldn’t do it any justice. A concept of the concept photo has already been leaked somewhere it is the “nesvolution” one pad for each hand with weighted gyroscopes, hot and cold sensors, depth-mapping and haptic feedback. Once again that is a VERY early prototype of the finished product and Nintendo is working on a way to connect them at will with a magnetic lock if someone just doesn’t like using them without a two-handed base setup.

UPDATE: I believe Nintendo is still wrestling as to whether or not to include the stereoscopic 3-d option in the Rev. hardware or bundle it w/ the Rev. as a separate component. There are advantages to each option though. One the one hand if they include it in the main hardware you could use it anywhere and take it with you without having to haul something else around. On the other hand if the do bundle it you can use it anywhere in the room your playing in which would not be dictated by where you Rev. console is sitting. That’s what I’ve heard anyway. Take care.

This is old also I got banned from GS from this one, just wanted to put it out there in case anyone missed it. The AI chips & the custom physicsX chips will be VERY small custom chips w/ dedicated jobs. These are crucial to the dev. Tool and are done to Nintendo’s specifications making them relatively inexpensive. Anyway, someone wanted me to elaborate on that. This was made 2 days after I received the Rev. alpha development kit at my workstation. The last time I got my hands on it was Friday when I took the pics. This should answer all your questions about cube-mapping and other things. I am working on answering new questions in a new e-mail I will send to Moz tonight. Take care.


Hello all,

I have received an updated version of the Rev. dev. Kit at my workstation two days ago and I am proud to announce that everyone even Microsoft and Sony fan boys may very well be switching sides when everything is confirmed. I do not necessarily agree with Nintendo strategy in the next-gen war because I believe that competition is what keeps everyone honest and fresh and willing to push the boundaries. Nintendo’s next-gen plan according to what I have seen from the new dev. Kit is that they are aiming to create a single dominant console from a consumer and developer standpoint. First I will go into the questions about cube-mapping: is it really that great, hasn’t it already been done before, is and how will the Rev. use it? Well, cube-maps have been around for quite some time but they are not very similar at all to the technology Nintendo patented called “cube-mapping” it is a new revelation and step forward for all game development to come. The patent Nintendo filed calls for the games graphic designers to pre-render the entire game environment of the whole game along with the NPC’s pretty much everything except the main interactive character/characters and basically converts it to real-time gameplay with no graphical fidelity loss whatsoever and allows a completely dynamic camera. The word “cube-mapping” stands for basically converting pre-rendered to real-time in an instant. This technique is actually dedicated to the hardware along with many other techniques that aid in this being accomplished. The dev. process on the Rev. is a revolution in and of itself in my opinion simply because of the cube-mapping and AI chips that help extensively with working out bugs to creating a world based of concept photos without a huge team and high production costs. In example a premiere game on the Rev. might cost $5 million on the Rev. and cost $80-100 million on 360 or ps3 at the exact same graphical fidelity. By the way my team at factor 5 is NOT committed only to ps3 but all consoles. Of course certain games will be exclusive to certain systems but the Rogue Squadron game that I’m working with will be multi-platform. Next generation also will represent the end of the straight port, every system next-gen will be special at something and that version will allow something completely different than the others. I believe this will become rule of thumb next-gen.
The dev. Tool that will be available to the consumer will not be an actual dev. Kit that will require programming to realize a game. It will draw on the virtual console as a basis for game-editing and creating from scratch brand new experiences based on old-game mechanics, graphical art styles and environment. It allows one to stripe away a previous game world to the basics and start new while implementing anything you want. It is hard to describe until you see it in action but rest assured it IS real and will be an astonishing feature that will make Rev. one of a kind. With the spec alone without the addition of dedicated cube-mapping just pushing polys the Rev. will be about a quarter more powerful than the 360 at its highest graphical limit. And w/ cube-mapping implemented it WILL exceed PS3’s fidelity through lower spec although it is a cheat it is effective nonetheless. Oh, and a couple new SSB characters will be from what I’ve heard, Link with the Fierce deity mask will be an unlockable and pikmin with olimar,
Now for the controller the way the two pads will be connected will be through a magnetic lock where you put one piece into another with magnets inside and the magnets lock them together. Then to release the two pads you will hold down a small button and twist them and they will come back apart. Everything about the controller I mentioned is 100% true they will feature depth mapping, haptic force feedback, weighted gyroscopes, a built-in mic and heat/cool sensors. All combine to create a very impressive experience, by the way if “Wintry_Flutist” is really Reggie Fils-Aime ask him he knows. Another feature that has been dedicated to the Rev. hardware is a technique called “texture-synthesis” whereas it allows developers to create VERY true to life, up close and personal textures and lighting. Where developers used to have to tile the same texture over a huge area of the environment and then wrap that repetitive texture to the gray map and then light it. It now allows the texture to be a part of the gray map with little effort thanks to the dedication of the technique and coupled with the cube-mapping. By the way, the ON video was created in partnership with Nintendo no matter what anyone says, but the technology being that vid is VERY real and will be included as a peripheral for Rev. I got the miserably cool experience to get one of my Japanese friends to let me get another look at the game Ichi the Killer and the playable part that I played really shows in a horrible way what the controllers will do. In the sequence some guy name Kakeehara I think I spelled it right was torturing a man while holding his hand in a bath-tub filled with hot-oil. The trick was to keep him from having a heart-attack by “talking to him kindly” with the mic on the controller. You would place either his arms or legs or sit him down in the oil and you could feel the force feedback from his body twitching as he apparently was minutes from going into shock from the pain. You would move one of the pads in a slapping motion to wake him back up and talk to him “gently” to try and get his heartbeat down so you could interrogate him more. The object of that sequence was to keep him alive and in pain for as long as possible and to get needed info out of him. It was THE MOST disgusting thing I have ever seen but truly magnificent in the way it was executed through the controller features. I have doubts about it being released in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter because it will most definitely be getting an Adult Only rating.
Mr. Iwata has already begun to lead into revealing that through the dev. Tool the Rev. will allow the entire back library of old games to be redone independently by the consumer to offer an infinite replay value through the dev. Tool and controller features. He has already stated that Rev. will “enhance” old games just wait and see if I’m not right about how much it really will enhance the games. Just keep your ears and eyes open. As a developer I am excited about Rev. but also see that if Nintendo does in the next-gen take back market dominance like it is trying to do that will be the end of competitive game development in a way. So I kind of hope that at least one of the other companies stays in the business to keep us all honest and competitive and always innovating in some way. Because without competition the only people who lose in the end are the consumers. Right now I am hard at work on the 360 version of a game and even though I as a consumer would prefer a Rev. version I am proud of the work I am doing on the version that I am working on. I grew up as a kid on Nintendo’s products and I think in the end Nintendo will probably be the last in the business and will survive anything. It is nice to see that all you people on the forum appreciate all the work they have done through the years and video games’ rise in general. Stay well and we’ll be in touch.


anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 02:35

I wan not lying and to correct you even more the correct technical term is: panoramically-composited depth-mapped cube-mapping. Read the patent and or work with the tech before making your assumptions.


anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 03:06

Oh Noes! I am at another store now. I am very worried about security and remaining anonymous, so please give me time. Setting up a server to host the pictures is taking a very long time because it needs to be secure so I don't get sued. I am trying to be more careful, so I can use the server to set up websites with shady activities. I will be emailing Moz through my super duper safe internet access very soon.


anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 03:53

I have sent an e-mail to Moz hopefully he will post it soon. And Moz the Canabis Cup is what I wait for all year long!! You live in what I consider the best country in the world. To everyone else as I said before you will have to wait for the "proof" this coming week. You will have to assume this is speculation until I leak the pics. By the way, to Moz as to the question you asked about the controllers: Nintendo probably won't do anything except a cease and desist. They really can't do anything else other than that. You can't be held liable for what other people post on your site. Just say that the pics are unconfirmed and you should be alright. Take care.


PS: The last "anonymous sam" was not me, someone else posted that.


anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 04:45

I sent Moz a more in-depth explanation of the hardware. By the way this is kind of off topic but I think I was banned for completely bitching down a moderator on Gamespot name "MAILER_DAEMON" for selective moderation on no grounds. Thanks Andrew for clearing that up. As to the multi-screen feature that the Rev. is said to have, it was never shown to me nor have I seen that feature in the dev. kit. Maybe it will be in the beta kit or final dev. kit. Anyway, take care.



anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 04:51

The #7P5-NR21 controller prototype I worked with had a rechargable lithium ion battery which lasted about 10-15 hours give or take. The controller would have to be a lot bigger if it were to use batteries. It was similar to the GBAsp recharger slot where you plugged the charger into the side of the left pad while they are connected and you can still play while charging. Just thought I'd clear that up. Take care.



anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 05:09 :: e-mail

Yes, I am the real one. I will use this e-mail address above for my identity here (please no one steal it) its not actually mine. Its Robbie_IV's he is a moderator from Gamespot also is is also responsible for banning me for no reason. This is my knid of fuck you to him. Please do not hesitate to send "me" any e-mails. Anyways thats how you will know its me (I hope you can view the e-mail from this site). Take care.


I’m sure that Moz will post it tomorrow I just don’t want to waste anymore space (this thread almost has 300 posts!!!). Anyway it just goes into some of how the hardware works that I have given, just a little more in-depth for all the technophiles. Other than that I mean from what I’ve seen everything included in those e-mails are what the Revolution will be that I have seen anyway. By the way, Robbie_IV’s AIM address is “HoorayForRobbie” whatever that’s supposed to mean. I am currently working on a way to hack his GS profile and write all kinds of curious things about him and some other schemes I have planned. Just continuing the game he started with his website (everyone should check it out though, its hilarious!!) . Anyway, the prototype will be leaked here first next week unless Moz says he doesn’t want to chance it. If that happens I will let all know where it will be leaked and how to find it. Just be patient and I PROMISE you will not be let down. Just try and ignore what the critics say for now. Take care.


anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 08:39 :: e-mail

Obvisiously, the guy who posted the last lengthy read is the one who dosent know what the hell hes talking about. They have been using dual cores for years having them work together as one core. So the wh9ole thing about "quard core I don't believe it" is done. I never said it was nano I actually specified that it wasn't nano. Just the basic ideal of compacting the hardware close together to drop heat and increase performance is what I related to nanotechnology. So that is now done also. He also needs to go back and read the patent on cube-mapping before saying certain that make him look like an idiot. You will be eating your words come sometime this week, and "eating even more crow" when they confirm the hardware. Take care all.



anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 08:46 :: e-mail

Just something to chew on in the mean time I have a quote that I think sums up this years biggest speculation the Nintendo Revolution and all the hype surounding it. "The late 1960's was a very special place and time to be a part of. With no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time in the world...Whatever it meant." Hunter S. Thompson. I think this perfectly reflects this corner of time in the world and you should all step back and recognize that. Take care.


anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 11:22

I will post the pictures at 14.00 our this week 9-7-2006.
After the Nintendo minute vol.18 at
So stay tuned. As i mentioned before i am taking the risks.


anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 12:01

No i don't live in the Netherlands Moz. I mentioned the time for you Moz. You live in the Netherlands.
Right now i am reading all the response on this site.
I don't understand why the people want all the information right now.You all must be patience.
The Revolution will be tech heavy in terms of gameplay.
The Revolution games are not only 5 million$$$
But a lot more between the 10 and 25 million$$ If you want to get 100% of the Revolution. Still the Revolution will be way cheaper than ps3 and xbox 360 to make games. The final dev.kits are arriving in mid july.
Then they will make short demo's for the unveiling of the Revolution in the last week of August.
Nintendo is considering a spaceworld unveiling or at with a press conference.
Nintendo will be ready in 2006 right after the ps3.
Nintendo is very confident in the Revolution.
They are making also short games like donkey kong jungle beat and Yoshy Touch & Go. Miyamoto wants to do short games on the Revolution because he feels people don't have enough time to play games.
He wants to do also big epic games to satisfy the core gamers. There will be a lot more games like Electro Plankton and Nintendogs. Games never been seen before and played. This time Nintedno will be very agressive against competition. Developers are not going to support only one console this time but all of them. They fear monopoly. The performance of the Revolution will be way faster than xbox 360 and ps3. Because of the cpu. The ps3 and xbox360 don't have good architecture that's why their performance is lower than the Revolution.
Nintendo has built the Revolution with innovation and performance in mind. Not to have just the most powerfull console. The graphics will be indeed the most beautifull thanks to cube mapping and the physicsprocessor.
9-7-2006 will tell the rest and show the pictures.


anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 12:54

He John the helmet thing is a fake one.
Space you are very rude. It is not very wise to be rude to people. Gay are also people you know that?
You must face it you must be patient. Not now but 9-7-2006. After nintendo volume 18 at


Space i have a wife.



anonymous sam :: 04 juli 2005 14:29

Ok i admit i have made a mistake because i type so fast and don't have time to check my typewriting.
I am at my work right now and i am scared to death.
I hope nobody has noticed me.
I mean 7-9-2005 will tell the rest.( july)
The last 2 anonymous sam's are not from me.
The nintendo on is real and you already know nintendo is playing a game with us. Its' a marketing stunt.
Right now i am not going to reveal anymore. You have to wait til 7-9-2005 (this saturday) After nintendo volume 18 from
I am confused right now and i am coming home.

Well, there you have it. A couple things to point out however

1. He is probably fake
2. Many of these post are not from him because anyone can type in the name Anonymous Sam
3. I can't believe I took 1/2 hour to copy all of this down

Believe what you will

Source - Moz La Punk

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