Sunday, July 10, 2005

Small Revolution Rumor FAQ

This was posted by PROGRAMMING_DUDE on the Nintendo Forums:

Okay, I'm going to take a part out of my life to explain to you why these rumours are fake. Here goes...

Q. I loved the Nintendo ON video! It must be real!

A. The Nintendo ON is a real video, however, it was not created by engineers at Nintendo Corp. This video was created by spanish Nintendo fan Pablo Belmonte. He created this video so people could understand what games should be like. Nintendo has since then been further looking into a open job application for him.

Q. But, how can that be? There was a whole bunch of talk from a man named "Aries" about the secret unvieling of Nintendo's new console! He said that the one we were shown at E3 was fake!

A. Rest assured, the one we say at E3 was not a fake, but just the Revolution concept model. There were rumours spreading about the Nintendo ON post-E3 due to the fact that the Revo they showed us had no inners. First of all, it would be extremely expensive to keep something that early in production public, and secondly, Nintendo has not finished their final design, or their parts.

Okay, on to Aries.

After further research, I found that it is just someone tryping to lure people into believing him.

Q. But what about Gorgonbox? And the rumour about Reggie, Saturo Iwata, and Shigeru Miyamoto talking secretly through it?

A. Gorgonbox may be a viral type campaign like used with Orbis Labs (The campaign for Metroid Prime 2:Echoes), although, I don't think that Nintendo Corp.'s Spokesperson, best game concept designer, and President are secretly communicating through it. The rumour about Reggie being Aries, Saturo being VirgoGRGN, and Shigeru being LeoGRGN are false. Aries and the people helping him out are just further exploiting this lie to make more people believe. And the fact that these two new people's names conflict with the Gorgonbox just makes it obvious that it's not real. If 3 employees of Nintendo were to be secretly talking to each other, it would not be in an un-encrypripted site like, and it would not be Nintendo three most known and powerful people.

Q. I've found out a littele tidbit about the domain "" registered to somewhere in New York. I've also heard that that's where Reggie Fils-Aime lives! Is this true?

A. No. I am not sure where Reggie lives (Although I have heard that he does live in New York), however, is registered by none other than IGN. They put up a redirector so that when you type, it will redirect to a streaming version of the Nintendo ON video.

Q. Moz La Punk posted an article about Nintendo's master plan. They said that Nintendo had been planning this system right after the virtual boy. They also said Pablo Belmonte was just a fanboy lying about creating that video, and Nintendo actually made it! Is it true?

A. This leads me to believe that Moz La Punk webmasters are the ones behind the fiasco. Pablo has proof that he created this video, and Nintendo has already clearly denied production by them. Nintendo is endorsing a different kind of gameplay with their new system, however, their new system has already been shown, and it's pretty clear that it isn't a large bulbus brain-like console.

Q. Okay, but what about Nintendo's controller? What if it is a virtual reality helmet?

A. Since we have not seen the Revo's controller yet, I can not deny that the Revolution will feature VR. However I doubt Nintendo will move back into their past failureterritory, unless they truly have a Revolutionary way of using VR with games.

Good read to say the least. And it puts some things in order for some people have that have been confused.