Sunday, July 24, 2005

Web Help Needed

I am in need of help from someone who has somewhat extensive experience with Mambo CMS and HTML for the building of my website. This will only be for the next couple days. Please email me

if you would like to help. The site is almost done but it needs some tweeks.

Note: Knowledge of Mambo is must and HTML is a great plus


Also my

Aol Instant Messanger - Archaic400

SeriousGamer is now a complete fraud

Not like he wasn't before. But now there is no more questioning from his believers. Let it all be known that if there is ever a blog in which someone types like SeriousGamer and address's others (eg. Sony and Microsoft) in an unrespectful manner such as the way he has, then they are most likely lying. Go like and why he left the hype buisness.

SeriousGamer Blog

Blurry Controller from Revolution Enginner

I was sent this bizzare picture of the supposed Revolution Controller

I don't know what to think about this one except for the fact that it is ridiculous. I mean, look at the thing. Noone in their respectable mind would take a photo of something so obscure let alone even photoshop such a thing. In all accounts, this is fake. However, believe what you will.