Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Info from Nintendo Rep

A person named Wize_Guy123 posted the following on Nintendo Forums:

I just called a rep at Nintendo of America.. and I was asking about my subscription and then I asked a question about Rev. He said that there will be no information released until the system to begin finalizing which will be around Sept. And then they will release information about the specs then. He also said that it may take about 3 months after to complete the finalization. Then they will go into manufacturing..

Hope this info is true.. hopefully he wasnt trying to pull my leg..


This could be bad news it could be good, it all depends.

Source - http://forums.nintendo.com/nintendo/board/message?board.id=revolution&message.id=151865

Osoko Tanaka Interview

Read the interview here


He post some interesting news but nothing we haven't really heard of before. Once again, that is if you believe him or not.

Forum Guy Spreads "Revolution-Secrects"

If you go to the following link


you will see what he has to say. On page 3 he post the following

Specs of Nintendo Revolution are as follows

A quad core IBM 2.7 G5 processor. IBM and NEC worked on the system LSI
512 megabits of Mosys Ram developed in conjunction with NEC
System Performance of 2 teraflops.
Graphics Chip: Developed by ATI. The team working on the Graphics chip use to work at ARTX who use to be employed by Silicon Graphics.

Lauch Date is March 2006
System Price is 249.00
System with Visor and Metroid 3: 349.00
Games at Launch Metroid, Zelda
Mario 128 will follow in the Summer

What is Revolutionary about console:

Nintendo has been working on a program called Project Reality for some time. It started back in development for the N64. The project has never stopped though Nintendo has failed to implement the project for some time. First with the N64 and then with the Gamecube. The Gamecube was the first time the company has released a home console that had inferior specs to the competition. The Gamecube was supposed to be significantly more powerful than the Xbox. However do to pricing the had to downscale the system. Nintendo originally partnered with Silicon Graphics(the guys who did Jurassic Park Dinosaurs) to develop a home console that could produce those level of graphics real time. They have been unable to achieve that until now. They have a new console that will in fact provide this level of performance. Though the system can produce 2 teraflops of information that is still not enough to produce that level of graphics realtime. The secret is a new form of bump mapping that will enable many textures on one polygon. The Jurassic Park Dinosaur T-Rex was composed of only 40000 polygons yet had many hundreds of textures on it. Until now there was no way of providing that level of realism in a game realtime. Nintendo has finally found a way.

Project Reality will come into fruition in March of 06. If you are wondering about HD for the Revolution Nintendo is just trying to keep costs down because the technology is expensive. You are getting a real time Silicon Graphics level of performance in a console. Nintendo's Dream is becoming a reality.

If you are wondering about a visor. Well it is true. However it is an Accessory that will be in the same category as the U-Force, PowerGlove, Superscope etc. It is designed for just First Person Shooters and is not necessary/required to play any game on the Console. It is designed just for a more immersive feel and has been developed by Emagin. It will be available as a Bundle for the Console to include the game Metroid 3. This will be available for Launch.


This may very well be true, although the Nintendo Forum users are doubting it, not surprisingly.

He has another post also


I don't know what to say about his one. We'll see probably in a day or two what can be made of him. I might have a big post about this guy soon.

New Rumor

On Cubed3.com they have posted some very interesting news. I will copy what they said:

Breaking headlines have been posted on the internet recently. Publications claim to have the first Revolution controller images, and perhaps we're guilty of doing the same also. However with all the possible fakes and laughable attempts at realism comes a change in focus toward the main machine itself.

Tonight a source emailed Cubed3 with a selection of images that apparently come straight from Nintendo. However there are concerns with the authenticity of the images - i.e. are they real or some very good photoshopping?

It's certainly difficult to tell, but what's interesting is the clever marketing techniques the artists have used within their designs notably a poster suggesting the "Game Over" for competitors and the reverse, "Revo" for Nintendo. The design shown is supposedly the slightly slimmer build along with the engraved "R" logo that was previously "leaked" also. The images are said to be those in development for ideas that would be used for the final printed media, i.e. not the final images themselves.

Accompanying the tip, apparently (take this as rumour alsol) the term "Revo" is being highly considered as the potential final market name for the console though talks happening for a clash with another company using the same term for their products.

Again whether real or not, please take this as a rumour as the title suggests, though the below images (click to enlarge) are very good indeed.

We thank our source, who wishes to remain anonymous for the images.


You should go check out the pictures. The real question is, are they real? or Photoshopped?

Source - http://www.cubed3.com/viewnews.php?storyid=4020

Nintendo-Revolution Updates

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