Friday, July 15, 2005

New Fake Xenias Pictures

Serious Gamer 007 has posted some new fake pictures to mock, go check them out

Connect-Revolution Web Help Needed

I have a website designer but he is currently extremely busy. I am current looking for another webdesigner and graphical editor, someone who is really good with photoshop. If you have emailed me before, just email me again and I'll get back to you, also, you can AIM me or MSN me at any time. The following picture is what the layout might look like.

AIM - Archaic400
MSN - RevolutionRumors
Email -

Thank You


I will also need someone who has CMS knowledge and can intergrate one into a site

IGNIQ gets an email

The following letter was sent to IGNIQ:

Revolutionary Factor
Its Really All Too Simple.

The rumors about Nintendo's newly announced console are being passed around these days like the common 'One Dollar Bill'. Not to say this is a bad thing, however, just how far does the speculation go before turning people away? Hold the phone. Speculation never does that. Why is this 'Revolution' different?
The mock-ups have become dull, and redundant. What is left of the non-discredited rumors, however educated of a guess they were, has left the watcher to think for themselves as to what the mystery is. Nintendo has yet to bring anything forward since the late E3, setting aside the few details of already confirmed specs.
A relatively new photo has sparked my personal interest as to what is ahead for 'us' to discover. We, as a whole, are waiting for any lick of information to drop from the tight grasp of the Big N's bound hands. There is only one question left to ask. Why aren't we thinking "outside the box", when it comes to our speculations?
For those of you who didn't quite catch on, the before mentioned photo was that of a poster that simply stated, "Revolution begins March 2006. Think outside the box.". The stale ideas of touch screens, gyroscopic abilities, and dual-controllers have gone on far enough. What are we going to see
in this system that will make us all say "wow", in a lovely state of awe.
With a seemingly endless ammount of information at our fingertips, ala the internet, how can we have reached our peek of creativity? Has Nintendo officially stumped the obscure minds of its loyal customers? Well, maybe it hasn't. The hype certainly hasn't died down, however, the speculation is in a checkmate position. Nintendo can choose to cut us off, or we can flip the playing table, and turn this into a 'whole different game'.
I guess i can't order a full attack on established reasoning without giving fuel. So I have found one thought that has been gnawing at the back of my mind. Why does the Revolution have a "Docking Station" exclusively for Gamecube controllers and memory cards? Can these not simply just be built into the system itself? Well there is a logical explination, as that could be considered a size issue. It still raises the question as to why they would call it a "Docking Station", that is, unless it was meant to 'move around'.
Ok, that is going a little TOO far outside of this miracle box. It's like saying Nintendo is going to throw a flip-up screen and battery somewhere into the already miniscule machine. That's more than way out there, close to an impossibility, but it's a start. The focus, in general, is on the controller. While the controller is important, it more than likely compliments the features not yet 'revealed'. Though i don't know how much longer those features can be restrained.
Just because an 'official picture' has been released, doesn't mean there isn't something left to discover inside the box that is "outside the box". If the controller were the revolutionary item in question, Sony and Microsoft would adapt quickly enough to essentially take away its selling point. The secrecy of what this system holds in store for us, can not only be with the controller, but in the device that is only 3 DVD cases in size. An item so small holds something 'so big', but what?

It's not new.
It is really all too simple.
Find me.
It's all about the 'Game'.

~Your Deepthroat~

Sounds crazy to me. And also, Deepthroat revealed himself as a fake early on in his career, so where this is coming from I have no idea. Also, it seems he took every popular rumor and somehow slid it into the message to appear knowlegible

Believe what you will

Source - IGNIQ