Sunday, July 03, 2005


From Something is Going On:

I have some information.

Codename: Revolution
Official Name: NintendoRS (The Nintendo Revolutionary Screen)

The revolutionary controller is quite an innovative and creative idea. The NintendoDS offers a great hint at the contoller, but the chances of anyone figuring it out are minimal because neither a dual screen or a traditional touchscreen will be used for the Revolution. The best leak so far has been the gyroscopic control rumor. This is the one! But, how will it be used? That's the key to the Revolution's very simple, fun, creative, and practicle, revolutionary controller.

My first comment is going to throw many people off, but I must tell you, continue reading! The Revolution will be the first to use a new innovative style of "touchscreen" technology. The touchscreen is one and the same with your television screen. The gyroscopic controller is very much like a pair of gloves, but not your traditional thought of a glove either. It's extremely comfortable and has gyroscopic controls. It will sense the movement of your hands and your finger tips. This way you can point and tap your fingers into the thin air in front of you as if you were touching the television screen. You're no longer sitting in front a monitor you're now interacting with it by "touching" it!

It's hard to imagine at first without seeing it, but the more you think about it the clearer the picture becomes. Before starting a game you must collaborate the controller to your position of viewing. You do this by a very simple system of "touching" the approapriate corner of your screen when prompted from where you are sitting. Also you must select which hand (right or left) will be the "control hand". Control schemes that tradititionally use buttons will transfer over to the NintendoRS (NRS) by assigning the task to finger taps. There are 10 buttons, one for each finger tip and thumb. Games that traditionally use analog control sticks will now use the movements of your hands. The best way to describe it is to explain how it would control a First Person Shooter (FPS). The "home" position is to keep your hands parallel in front of you. To control an FPS is as follows:

- To turn to your left move your right hand forward (towards the screen) and your left hand back (away from the screen).
- To turn to your right move your left hand forward (towards the screen) and your right hand back (away from the screen).
- To look up move control hand up (towards the sky) and opposite hand down (towards the ground).
- To look down move control hand down (towards the ground) and opposite hand up (towards the sky).
- To move forward extend index finger of control hand and "hold"
- To move backward extend middle finger of control hand and "hold"

This is an example of how basic controls from traditional style games will translate to the NRS. As you can see, nothing in terms of control will be lost and everything from todays traditional style will still be possible. The very interesting thing about the NRS is the software that is specifically designed to utilize this control. The number of possibilities this kind of 3D hand motion with finger tap controls allows is near infinite and absolutely amazing. I'll give you a couple of small examples not to reveal too much, but maybe in a certain game you will be held at gun point by an officer of the law and have to reach for the sky. The finger tip gyroscopes can sense their position relative to eachother as well as the console. This allows you to "grip" objects such as a pistol and use the index finger to "pull" the trigger. This with it's feedback (each fingertip can vibrate and the palms can vibrate as relative to the objects you "touch") is an experience so unique, so new, so innovative, so EXTREMELY KICK ASS, that I can't contain myself and must leak this. (NOTE: With these kind of sensor technology Nintendo is experiementing with allowing you to "grip" a "virtual controller" relative the game you are playing (NES,SNES,N64,GCN,NRS). Nothing can beat it. Traditional controllers are on their way out because touching is good, but feeling is better!

I hope this helps make sense of all the hints and rumors:

Touching is good, but feeling is better!
Go beyond the monitor.
Horsepower alone is the wrong direction.
How to play all past console games with a single controller.
"Virtual Console" ____ _ _______ __________ (fill in the blanks - with a "Virtual Controller".


"'The thing that I always find surprising, and certainly in the last year I've had wonderful opportunities to spend quality time with a number of our key third-party publishers, is when you sit down and share the innovation with them, just how excited they get," Fils-Aime said. "I saw it firsthand with DS, we're seeing it now with Revolution,'

He then elaborated further.

'Think about it - each of those controllers are different. How are you gonna play? That captured some of the imagination of what our controller needs to be able to do, and certainly as you get into the meat of that type of innovation with the developers, their eyes truly light up because they start to imagine what's possible with that kind of configuration, which is vastly different than a sheer horsepower kind of game.'"

"...there will be leaks..." - Miyamoto


Do I believe? Not a chance. It would be more than super uncomfortable to play that way. Its like doing manual labor. Moving your hands all over the place. It was great and awesome with just the thumb NOW you have to use your whole arm. Ridiculous.

Revdeveloper Comes forward as fake

Revedeveloper has revealed to me he is fake. While chatting with him he said he would post something in a minute and he did, which proves he is fake. He then deleted the message. Anyway, he is fake so "Team Beta" as we know him doesn't exist.


He wanted me to say

"I wanted to make something fun, believeable, to get people excited about the new nintendo console"

Revolution Website Name Suggestions

I am taking up suggestions for my Revolution Rumor Name. Some ideas are

and so forth. This site will be not a rumor site but a preview/review ect. site. Post your ideas under comments.