Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Osoko Tanaka Returns!

After 4, nearly 5 days, Osoko Tanaka writes again. What does he say? Not much if anything. Upon figuring out his cryptogram this is pretty much what he said

There will be a new second party
There will be an exclusive Konami game for the Revolution that Xbox 360 and PS3 can't handle

Since he supposedly doesn't know english very well, he wrote pretty much nothing. Once again, like in every single post he writes, he tries to defend himself and prove he is not fake.

Anyway, he is back, he might write more, I wouldn't expect it to be tomorrow though. Believe what you will but he hasn't really given us anything special.

Source - http://onlynintendorevolution.blogspot.com/

Speculation worthy of mention

This was a post on the Nintendo forums by Kool_Kid_Joe:


Here's how I think the Revolution will change our ways of thinking -

The SD Card Port

Ah, yes. The port below the Disc Drive. Just an SD port, right? No. In addition to accepting standard SD cards as Memory Cards (to accompany the already existing 512M of Flash Memory), the port will also accept N-Chips.

What are N-Chips, you ask?

N-Chips are SD cards that, instead of containing flash memory, contain Broadway and Hollywood upgrades. When plugged in, processing speeds and polygon counts increase. Games can require them, take advantage of them, or not use them at all.

The advantage to this is that, even if the Rev were to be significantly less capable than the competition, IBM and ATI could create new chip upgrades and put them on the market, so hardcore gamers could get better graphical power, but casual users wouldn't have to pay as much.

There would be four (4) SD Card ports.

The Controller's Seven Revolutions

1. Wireless

Each controller will be wireless, like you would expect. They contain battery packs that can last up to 10 hours of solid gametime, and can be plugged into the console with a cord to charge while playing (or not playing). They connect to the GCN ports.

2. Voice

No, the controllers won't have microphones, but they will have headset jacks for online play. The jack can accept nearly any headset.

3. Gyro Control

Not the big part of the controller, but Gyro Control will be incorperated. This will be implemented minimally, but will always be available for use.

4. Built-In Memory

There will be a built-in memory in each controller, able to store small demographic info. Instead of choosing a virtual "port" when connecting to the system, your name in the controller will be recognized onscreen. Your taunt, statistics, and such will all also tie into this, and to help you with this information is...

5. Digital Readout

No, not a "screen" per se. Just a one line of text information that can list info to you in a game. Why would you want to clutter an already extremely small 4-way screen with life info if you didn't need it at the moment? It's just there, below you.

6. C- and D- Sticks

The D-Stick replaces the Control Stick, but is extremely similar. However, its frame is rounded, along with the C-Stick's, and can be pushed in like a button. They also have "release buttons" that fold the sticks in and allow them to be "folded in".

7. Force Feedback

There will be rumble as usual, and in both sides of the controller, but also in the sticks - they will repel motion and be used similarly to Crusin' USA's Wheel that feeds back when you hit bumps.

And... now I'm done typing.
Also, Mario 128? My idea of what it is is a First Person Platformer, or a Mario game where you view the action in Mario's Eyes.

What do you think? Too outlandish? Not revolutionary enough?


I like most of everything he said, although, I believe the Gyro will play a major role. Either way, it is a good estimation of the revolution may be.

Source - http://forums.nintendo.com/nintendo/board/message?board.id=revolution&message.id=77320&jump=true

Improvment on the blog

I do my best at getting the Revolution rumors into one blog. I am wondering what you would like me to do to improve it. Have mass summaries of each supposed nintendo inside source for example? Attempt to get Q&A's from the insider's? You tell me what you want me to do.

Nin-Sider post Game Info

Nin-Sider, a man who supposedly knows inside Nintendo info somehow, posted a very long article about Revolution games, all in all, the list of games are

Crystal Chronicles - Square Enix (Will lose the Final Fantasy Title)
A new MMORPG - Square Enix
Metroid Prime 3 - Retro Studios
An RPG - Retro Studios (Spirtual Successor to Raven Blade?)
Waverace - NST
Pilotwings - Namco
SoulCalibur 3 - Namco
Tales of Lamendia - Namco
Mario Kart - Nintendo
Mario - Nintendo
Zelda - Nintendo
Miyamoto's Secret Project - Nintendo
Pikmin 3 - Nintendo
Resident Evil 5 - Capcom
Sonic - Sega
Castlevania - Camelot
New RPG - Camelot
Animal Crossing - Nintendo
Super Smash Bros. 3 - Nintendo

Thats the list. If this is indeed true, than expect a freakin' awesome line-up from Nintendo. But once again, I can't stress enough the fact that this is a rumor, and rumors most be believed on an individual basis, so believe what you want.

Source - http://nin-sider.blogspot.com/

Revolution Tech Specs Amazing?

Our good friend the Tech Analyst has posted yet again. You can read it at


Despite the number of people that have posted claiming they are Nintendo Insiders, this man actually sounds authentic. Granted, there is no real no way to tell, but not only does his story make the most sense but he praises the Revolution which is a good thing. Anyway, we won't know anything for sure until Nintendo releases their amazing info they have behind closed doors.